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LC9 Releases "East of Eden" MV

After going through a lineup change as well as having their leader leave for the army, LC9 are back again with an amazing ballad, "East of Eden". It's definitely worth a listen, to check it out!
@kpopandkimchi Their member Eden left the group to go back to school I think :/
I had no idea they had a lineup change, and I never thought they'd do a ballad. I only know them from MAMA Beat
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Korean Stars with Number Name Part Three
This is my part three of Korean idols/singers/rappers/groups I could find with numbers in their name. This list is a little bit longer than my first two so pace yourself. And my list goes like this: Third Generation Idols: 9Muses/9Muses A Nine Muses in 2010 as a nine membered group but are now five since some members decded to graduate from the group. Their sub-unit Nine Muses A is currently promoting and preparing for their concert RE:MINE on July 29th. NineMuses-No Playboy B1A4 B1A4 is one of my favorite boy groups. They debuted in 2011 as a five membered boy group and so far they have not had any trouble in their careers. I think they are the most stable boy group in kpop right now too. B1A4 - O.K F-ve Dolls/5dolls F-ve Dolls debuted as a 6-member girl group in 2011 and disbanded in 2015. They have two debut singles featuring Jay Park in the mv's so you can watch both below. 5Dolls - Lip Stains 5Dolls - I Mean You Sistar19 Another one of my favorite girl groups Sistar. Their sub-unit Sistar19 consists of Hyorin and Bora. The two made their sub-unit debut with Ma Boy. SISTAR19 - Ma Boy Tara N4 I think I've said this before but I've never really been a fan of these girls but I always felt bad for them considering all the discrimination they were getting throughout their career. But the girls have disbanded this year and will hopefully have better luck in their solo careers. T-ARA N4 - Jeon Won Diary T-ARA N4 - Jeon Won Diary (Dance Version) X5 Another group on this list is X5 or Xenos-5. They were only active for about a year and a half and according to a lot of articles and social media they are either disbanded or on hiatus. One thing I am positive about is that three of the members have officially left the group and are in a new group, Lau. X-5 -Dangerous 5Zic If you guys are familiar with the group M.I.B (also disbanded this year), then you are also familiar with their leader and rapper 5Zic. The 28 year old now goes by the stage name Zick Jasper and is pursuing his solo career. Zick Jasper - Zick Jasper 100% This boy group debuted under Shinhwa Andy's label TOPMedia as a seven-membered group have now dropped to five. They are still fairly new and still making a name for themselves but I like them. 100% - BAD BOY 15& This singing duo debuted back in 2012 and although they are not active as a duo right now they are killing it with their solo works (at least I think they are). 15& - I Dream 24K/4K This boy group debuted in 2012 but with their sub-unit 4K, which seems to perform more ballad songs and 24K as a whole does dance. 4K -Rocking Girl 24K - Hurry Up Two X This five-member group debuted in 2012 under Rain's label, J Tune but have since switched to a new label and has lost a member. Two X - Double Up 5urprise 2013 brought us this precious acting idol group 5urprise. The members are versed in singing as well as acting and are currently more focused on their acting careers than making a comeback (ㅜㅜ) but I am supporting them in their acting and I hope you guys are too. 5URPRISE - From my heart LC9 Unfortunately this is another short lived group. They debuted in 2013 but disbanded in 2015. I am not quite sure of the reason but they didn't renew their contracts with their company and were let go. LC9 - MaMa Beat 2000 Won This duo consists of two oppas who only happen to be two years older than me and childhood friends Kim Hyo Bin and Kim Il Do whom were both on Kpop Star 2 and subsequenly made their debut. 2000won - I Hate Seoul 4L This Korean girl group has also already disbanded but not without making a name for themselves. 4L, meaning four ladies debuted with enticing single and 19+ mv 'Move' 4L - Move 4Ten This four-membered girl group debuted in 2014 and have really good potential. So if you don't know them please get to know them. 4TEN - Tornado GOT7 I think we all know who these boys are. I mean seriously JYP has hyped them up so much and Jackson and BamBam and then Mark. They all have their own unique individual flavor. GOT7 - Girls Girls Girls High4 I would just like to say that I love these boys so much. Their voices are amazing and this is my favorite song. They have unfortunately lost a member but I hope the remaing members continue to wow us with their beautiful voices. HIGH4, IU - Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms Day6 I seriously love these boys. They are so musically talented. I wish they continue to make great music. DAY6 - Congratulations Seventeen I don't even know what to say about Seventeen. These boys are just too cute for words. SEVENTEEN - Adore U Twice Of course we know who these girls are. I mean so they really need an intro? TWICE - Like OOH-AHH UP10TION This lovely group are label mates with Teen Top and 100&. Let's hope that they all continue to be treated well in their company and can contiue to grow in the industry. UP10TION - SO, DANGEROUS Bolbbalgan4 This indie duo debuted just last year with Galaxy. Their name can be translated into Blushing Youth, wish seems to be very fitting for two 21 year olds. Bolbbalgan4 - Galaxy SF9 These boys debuted last year under the same label as F.T. ISLAND and CNBLUE, two of my favorite bands. I can't wait to see what else they do. SF9 - Fanfare NCT127 These boys are apart of a bigger group with two other sub-units from SM Entertainment. NCT 127 - Fire Truck Boys24 I didn't know whether or not to include this 27-membered group since they haven't officially debuted but they do have a few songs out. And their sub-unit Unit Black has debuted and is officially promoting. But since they exist I think they should be on the list as well. They have about five sub-units in total; White, Black, Red, Blue, and Purple. BOYS24 - Rising Star Triple H Triple H consists of former girl group member Hyuna and two members from Pentagon; Hui and E'Dawn. A lot of people thought they would be a replacement for Trouble Maker but I don't think so. You can't replace Trouble Maker. Besides Triple H look cool enough. Triple H - 365 FRESH Wanna-One Wanna-One is another group debuting this year that I wasn't sure I should include. I hope these boys are as successful as their sister group I.0.I. Why is this list so full of disbanded groups? Do you guys know any of these idols? At least some under rated groups you may not have heard of. Let me know in the comments below who you know and don't know and who you like or don't like.