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At a press conference for his drama "The Night Watchman", Yunho was asked about his former band mate's acting. He said it was good to see Jaejoong working hard as an actor, although he didn't have much time to watch more of "Triangle" (which Jaejoong is the main lead for). It has been a long time since JYJ split from DBSK, so seeing them talk about each other in a positive light is definitely bringing back memories for DBSK fans!
I just want them to be able to be friends again!!
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I remember when they recently had broken up someone yelled jaejoongs name near yunho and he started to look around frantically for jj :( They miss each other!!
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@kpopandkimchi @honeysoo Aww I really hope they can be friends again too!!! :(
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love his acting in Triangle.
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