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Hiten Samtani gives a great overview of the issue of privacy and social media, including comments from several leaders in the information literacy and school library fields. We hammer our students with the notion of their digital tattoo, but sometimes it just doesn't sink in. Sharing specific examples like this, sort of a 21st century Aesop's fable, seems to click with them. When I told a class about Snapchat's videos not disappearing as everyone thought, one student looked like he was about to faint. I see classes monthly, and try to share a quick story each time I see them about social media or information literacy. In one month, it's fairly easy to find a new story that they can relate to, whether it's a plagiarism scandal involving adults, which they laugh knowingly at, or a sexting or bullying video that leaves most of them thoughtful. Sharing the stories of how people are affected by social media nightmares can be much more effective than following a canned curriculum on digital literacy.
I've always been wary about Snapchat. Glad you're warning your students :)
I know that I connect much more with real stories than just a vague "don't do it, you'll regret it in the future." I'm glad you're talking about this stuff with your classes, sooner or later it they'll all get it (I hope!)
I use snapchat sometimes, but I once received a snap (sent to ALL of her contacts) from a friend that was so embarrassing for her! I text her right away and told her she needs to be more careful, but she still doesn't think its important. It's great that you're trying to teach students this early on.
@funkystar25, we've had issues in middle school with sexting--ugh! I hate talking about this with students, because I know for some of them, this is not even on their radar yet. I had destroying someone's innocence, but then there are the kids who really need to be hearing this.
I'm not a big snapchat user but I was always under the impression that when it said it was deleted, it was deleted. Thankfully for me, the worst thing that anyone would ever be able to save from my snapchat is probably a few less than stunning selfies but thinking of friends who do the whole sexting, getting drunk and taking selcas etc routine - they really should be more careful!