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Elevator doors open, and Minsuk is caught red-handed in his school uniform. In a flashback we see that Director Yoo has been following Minsuk around, seeing him at hockey training, joking around with his friends, etc. He asks Minsuk where the real Hyungsuk is, but Minsuk stammers that he doesn't know either. Well, that doesn't matter because Director Yoo is going to expose him to Comfo as a fake. Minsuk calls an emergency meeting between Sooyoung, Team Leader Kim, and Director Park. They try to think of what to do in the worst case scenario, but come to nothing. As Team Leader Kim and Director Park drive off later, they spot Sooyoung and Minsuk holding hands while walking on the street. They happen to be walking by what looks like...a hotel so it freaks out Team Leader Kim and Director Park LOL. On their walk home, Sooyoung reassures that everything will be okay, "because noona is here". Ahhh so cute! The next morning, Minsuk, Sooyoung, Director Yoo, Team Leader Kim, Director Park, and the President all end up in one elevator together. Everyone is super nervous as Director Yoo talks about how young Minsuk looks, while President Yoo says that baby faces are all the rage these days. When they get off, Minsuk barges into Director Yoo's office, demanding what he's up to if he's not going to tattletale to the President. But all Director Yoo is ridicule Minsuk for being a high school student. "I turned on the game for you," as he leaves the office. Out of frustration, Minsuk tears up a little, aww. Outside, Sooyoung asks Director Yoo not to tell anyone. He's surprised to learn that Sooyoung knows Minsuk is in high school, yet still likes him. She explains that Minsuk will return to his rightful place soon enough, so please just don't say anything, at least until then. However Director Yoo doesn't have any reason to help keep the secret, so when Sooyoung can give him one, he'll reconsider it then. In the meeting later that day, President Yoo rips Director Yoo apart, embarrassing him in front of everyone. After work, Sooyoung gets a call from Director Yoo, asking to meet her in the parking garage. She manages to fool Minsuk that her mom came up to Seoul again, so he leaves and she goes to meet Director Yoo. Director Yoo takes her to see his mom in the hospital (they get spotted by Daehan and Yoonj on the way). Apparently, his mom had asked to bring her around so she could thank her, and gives her gift that Sooyoung hesitantly accepts. His mom also orders him to buy her a meal. While they are having dinner, Sooyoung looks visibly uncomfortable. Director Yoo excuses himself from the table to make a phone call, but in reality just looks on in from outside the window. Perhaps to let her eat in peace? Then on the drive home, she falls asleep in the car. Even when they reach her home, he continues to let her sleep as he waits outside of the car. Bro, I'd be rooting for you if you weren't such a dick to her in the beginning. The next day, Minsuk runs into his colleagues on their break. Yoonju and Daehan mention that they saw Sooyoung and Director Yoo together yesterday. This flares up Minsuk and he walks away, while the rest of the retail team ask why Yoonju and Daehan were together. Daehan shouts out, "We're dating! Please congratulate us." Everyone is shocked, "Why? Yoonju, did something happen at home?" All Yoonju says is, "He's a good kisser." LMAO. Minsuk calls Sooyoung into his office and confronts her. Did she have a nice dinner yesterday with her "mom"? She confesses that it was Director Yoo, but Minsuk is mostly furious because she met up with him because of Minsuk. He's so mad that he's about to go tell everything to the President before he has to literally be carried out by Team Leader Kim and Director Park. Sooyoung tries to calm him down by doing "aegyo" (=acting cute) but she just looks very awkward LOL. Minsuk: "Can't you just hug me once? I think I'll be less mad then." But then Sooyoung runs off with Minsuk still fuming lol. Director Yoo isn't feeling too well so he gets off work early. He ends up taking a pill with alcohol. Meanwhile on the bus, Sooyoung is reminded of the gift his mom gave her, and meets up with him to return it to him. He faints in front of her and she brings him to the hospital. The doctor allows him to be discharged whenever he wakes up. Sooyoung calls Minsuk (yay) to help her get Director Yoo home. Although he hates it, he would much rather help Director Yoo than have Sooyoung help him herself. Yoo-ah, Taesuk, and Dukhwan are eating jjambbong at the Chinese restaurant Taesuk works at. Taesuk asks Yoo-ah if she's really okay, and that cues Yoo-ah's tears. She protests that she's not crying because she's sad, it's just because the jjambbong is so tasteless. Taesuk pets her head comfortingly and puts radish into her bowl. Aww, they're going to be so cute later. Minsuk and Sooyoung stay late to take care of Director Yoo, but once Sooyoung gets a call from Yoo-ah, she leaves and Minsuk stays behind. He looks into the closet to change his clothes, but everything is too long for him, haha. Minsuk takes care of Director Yoo meticulously and falls asleep on the bed as well. The next morning Minsuk answers Director Yoo's phone for him. It's the President, and he finds out that he and Director Yoo are in a father-son relationship. Later, he walks smugly out of the apartment and says that in return for not telling the President that he's a fake, he'll pretend he never heard what the President said. At the office, Team Leader Kim, Director Park, and Sooyoung all try to find out how Minsuk solved the problem, but Minsuk is tight lipped. It's a secret between men, he can't tell. But at lunch, Sooyoung wonders if it's the same secret that she knows, so they decide to say it at the same time. "The Presi-" How close were they for her to know his secret like that?! He warns Sooyoung not to meet him anymore. President Yoo meets with a bunch of other businessmen, who mention that they heard a rumor that he had an illegitmate son. Later, President Yoo shows up drunk at Director Yoo's house. He begs for Director Yoo and his mom to leave. He'll give them money, just leave. He calls Sooyoung, looking for someone to listen to him. He's right outside her house and asks for her to come outside. She does try to say no (thank you), but he insists that he won't leave until he sees her (dude...). In the end, Sooyoung sends out Yoo-ah to give him an umbrella, but he walks away in the rain. The next day, he's shivering in bed. I do wish he had someone to comfort him but you ruined it yourself, dude. At the company, there's a super big important contract that will be signed to make the company go global. Apparently it was supposed to be headed by Director Yoo, but Team Leader Kim gets the call that it's been handed over to Minsuk, and that the representative of the other company wants to meet Minsuk. So, Team Leader Kim tries tag along with him, but only Minsuk is allowed inside. When the representative turns around, it's no other than...Lee Hyungsuk. COMMENTS YES. I was starting to think that we were going to go through the whole drama without meeting mysterious older bro even once. I'm guessing that his disappearance in the first place has to do with getting some kind of revenge on Comfo/President Yoo for what happened to their father. But now that Hyungsuk has made his entrance, I wonder now what's going to happen to the company. If he is in fact plotting revenge, it will definitely sever the bonds Minsuk has made with the retail team. Although their relationships aren't exactly important to the plot, it would just be a bummer since they all get along. At this point, I can't even bother with Director Yoo. He was so bad to Sooyoung at the beginning, I don't think anything he can do can make up for it. I'm glad that Sooyoung also didn't give in to him, and that she didn't meet him when Minsuk told her not to. The way I understand it is that Minsuk doesn't want her to meet Director Yoo because of last time when he kissed her without permission. Of course he's jealous, but I feel like the reason is more that he wants to protect Sooyoung from any of Director Yoo's advances, rather than petty jealousy. And it also makes me glad that Sooyoung wasn't too nice to meet him, even when it was raining. Hurray for no wishy-washy female leads leading on second leads!
I love Soo hyuk but seo in guk have my heart!! He's so charming!
@ida16 I agree about the eye candy though ahahaha
Yes but he change. Like lead man on secret who first try to get revenge but finally he's with her. Btw director yoo sooo eye candy. Cant take my eyes on him lol
@itsmeida Aww really?! He was so mean to her though lol!
Still prefer director yoo for me ;)