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Peppa Pig으로 영어 공부해요! (Season 1 - Part 3)

# 페파픽을 활용한 영어 공부법 (필독) http://www.vingle.net/posts/430617 ----------------- 25. The Tooth Fairy Narrator: Peppa and George are having their favourite food—spaghetti. Daddy Pig: What a lot of noise. Peppa Pig: Finished! Mummy Pig: Now we’ll have a bit of quiet. Peppa Pig: What’s that? Daddy Pig: It’s a tooth. Peppa Pig: Where did that come from? Mummy Pig: Peppa, maybe you should look in the mirror. Peppa Pig: Oh. It’s my tooth. It’s fallen out. Mummy Pig: Don’t worry, Peppa. It’s just a milk tooth. They’re meant to fall out. Peppa Pig: Will I grow a new one, Mummy? Mummy Pig: Yes, you will, Peppa. Mummy Pig: It also means the tooth fairy will be paying you a visit. Peppa Pig: Tooth fairy? Mummy Pig: Yes, the tooth fairy. If you put the tooth under your pillow tonight, the tooth fairy will come. Mummy Pig: The tooth fairy will take the tooth and in its place she will leave a shiny coin. Peppa Pig: When I grow up I want to be a tooth fairy. Daddy Pig: And what would you like to be when you grow up, George? George: Dinosaur. Daddy Pig: A dinosaur. Peppa Pig: Quick, George. It’s bedtime. We don’t want to miss the tooth fairy. Narrator: Before going to bed, Peppa and George brush their teeth. Daddy Pig: Peppa, what are you doing? Peppa Pig: I’m brushing my tooth so it’s nice and clean for the tooth fairy. Narrator: Peppa cannot wait to get into bed. Narrator: Peppa is putting her tooth under the pillow for the tooth fairy. Mummy Pig: Good-night, Peppa and George. Peppa Pig: Good-night, Mummy. Good-night, Daddy. Daddy Pig: Good-night, my little piggies. Peppa Pig: George, I’m not going to sleep. Let’s both stay awake all night and see the tooth fairy. Peppa Pig: This tooth fairy is very late. Narrator: The tooth fairy is taking a long time to arrive. Peppa Pig: Where is that tooth fairy? Narrator: What is that noise? Is it the tooth fairy? Peppa Pig: George? Can you hear something? Oh, George. Narrator: Oh, the noise is George. He was so tired he has fallen asleep. Peppa Pig: George is not very good at staying awake. But I am. I’m going to stay awake and see the tooth fairy. I’m not going to sleep. Narrator: The tooth fairy has arrived. Peppa is asleep. Tooth Fairy: Hello, Peppa. Would you like this coin in return for your tooth? Tooth Fairy: What a nice clean tooth. Thank you, Peppa. Good-night. Mummy Pig: Peppa, George, wake up. It’s morning. Peppa Pig: What? I wasn’t asleep. Daddy Pig: Did the tooth fairy come? Peppa Pig: No. Daddy Pig: Let’s take a look under your pillow. Mummy Pig: Look, Peppa. The tooth fairy has been and she’s left you a coin. Peppa Pig: Hurrah! Mummy Pig: You fell asleep, didn’t you? Peppa Pig: Well, maybe I fell asleep just for a little bit. Next time I will stay awake and I will see the tooth fairy. 26. Treasure Hunt Narrator: Granny Pig and Grandpa Pig are making a treasure hunt for Peppa and George. Granny Pig is drawing the treasure map. Grandpa Pig is burying the treasure in a secret place in the garden. Granny Pig: Grandpa Pig, have you finished? Peppa and George will be here soon. Grandpa Pig: No need to panic, Granny Pig. Narrator: Peppa and her family are here. Granny Pig: Quick, Grandpa Pig. They’re here. Grandpa Pig: Almost done. Narrator: Grandpa Pig just finished in time. Peppa Pig: Granny Pig, we’re here! George: Grankey ‘ig! Granny Pig: Hello, my little ones. Peppa Pig: Grandpa Pig! George: Grandpa ‘ig! Grandpa Pig: Ahoy there, me hearties! Granny Pig: Peppa, George, we’ve made you a treasure hunt. Grandpa Pig: Somewhere in the garden is buried treasure. Peppa Pig: Wow, treasure! Where is it? Grandpa Pig: You have to look for it. Granny Pig: Here’s a treasure map for Peppa. Grandpa Pig: And George can wear my pirate hat. Ahoy there, Captain George. Peppa Pig: The map is a bit difficult. Daddy, can you help? Daddy Pig: Of course, Peppa. I’m very good with maps. It is a bit difficult. Granny Pig: Daddy Pig, you’re holding the map upside down. Daddy Pig: Yes, I thought as much. Peppa Pig: It’s easy! The red cross shows where the treasure is. Daddy Pig: But where in the garden are those two apple trees? Peppa Pig: Hmmm, I don’t know. Granny Pig: Would you like a clue? Peppa Pig: Yes, please. Granny Pig: The first clue is in a bottle. But where is the bottle? Peppa Pig: I can see it. Narrator: Peppa has found the first clue—a message in a bottle. Peppa Pig: Look, everyone! It’s a bottle! Grandpa Pig: Well done, Peppa. Let’s see what the message says. Oh, it’s a message from a pirate. Peppa Pig: Mummy, can you read the pirate’s message? Mummy Pig: Hmmm, this pirate has very bad handwriting. Grandpa Pig: The pirate’s handwriting is excellent. Mummy Pig: No, I can’t make it out at all. Grandpa Pig: The pirate has clearly written: “Follow the arrows.” Peppa Pig: Follow the arrows? Narrator: George has found the second clue—sticks in the shape of an arrow. Peppa Pig: Look, they point this way. Narrator: Peppa and George are following the arrows. Peppa Pig: Look, George, a key! Narrator: Peppa has found the next clue—a key. Granny Pig: Well done, Peppa. Now you just have to find the treasure chest that it unlocks. Peppa Pig: But there aren’t any more clues. Granny Pig: Maybe you should take another look at the map. Look, Peppa. The map has two apple trees on it. Peppa Pig: Here’s an apple tree. And here’s an apple tree. So the treasure must be here. Daddy Pig: Let’s take a look. Daddy Pig: Oh, dear. There doesn’t seem to be anything here. Daddy Pig: Hang on. There is something here. Peppa Pig: Wow, treasure! Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, Grandpa Pig, Granny Pig: Hurrah! Grandpa Pig: Well done. Peppa Pig: I’ve got the key to open it. Daddy Pig: Wow, I can’t believe it! Gold coins! They must be worth a fortune. Grandpa Pig: It’s better than that. They’re not gold coins. They’re chocolate coins. Granny Pig: And there’s a chocolate coin for everybody. Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, Grandpa Pig, Granny Pig, Peppa Pig: Hurrah! Narrator: Peppa and George love chocolate coins. Narrator: Everyone loves chocolate coins. Peppa Pig: Granny, Grandpa, this is the best treasure hunt ever. 27. Not Very Well Narrator: Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig have just made breakfast for Peppa and George. Daddy Pig: Breakfast is ready. Narrator: Peppa has red spots on her face. Peppa Pig: Mummy, I don’t feel very well. Mummy Pig: Oh, dear, Peppa. You don’t look very well. Daddy Pig: Don’t worry. I’ll ring Dr. Brown Bear. Dr. Brown Bear: Dr. Brown Bear speaking. Daddy Pig: Peppa is not very well. Her face is covered in red spots. Dr. Brown Bear: Hmmm. Put Peppa to bed and I’ll come straight round. Narrator: Dr. Brown Bear has come to make Peppa better. Dr. Brown Bear: Hello, Peppa. How are you today? Peppa Pig: I’m not very well. Dr. Brown Bear: Stick your tongue out, please. Dr. Brown Bear: Hmm. It’s not anything serious. Peppa has just got a rash. Peppa Pig: Do I need medicine? Dr. Brown Bear: The rash will clear up quickly, but if you like I can give you just a little medicine. Peppa Pig: Yes, please. Dr. Brown Bear: I’m afraid it doesn’t taste very nice. Open wide, please. Peppa Pig: Yuck! Disgusting! Dr. Brown Bear: You are a brave little one for taking it so well. Dr. Brown Bear: Peppa must stay in bed. I’ll call back later to check that she’s better. Mummy Pig: Can Peppa have visitors? Dr. Brown Bear: Oh, yes, she can have visitors. The rash isn’t catching. Goodbye. Daddy Pig: Goodbye, Dr. Brown Bear. Peppa Pig: Mummy, can I get up now? Mummy Pig: Dr. Brown Bear says that you must stay in bed for a little bit, Peppa. Peppa Pig: Oh. But it’s so boring. Mummy Pig: Dr. Brown Bear did say you could have visitors. Peppa Pig: Could Suzy Sheep visit me? Narrator: Suzy Sheep is Peppa’s best friend. Mummy Pig: I’ll ring Suzy Sheep’s mummy. Mrs. Sheep: Hello, Mrs. Pig. Mummy Pig: May Peppa talk with Suzy, please? Peppa Pig: Hello, Suzy. Suzy Sheep: Hello, Peppa. Peppa Pig: I’m not very well. I have red spots on my face. Suzy Sheep: Has the doctor been? Peppa Pig: Yes, Dr. Brown Bear was here. He said I wasn’t very well and that I was very brave. Suzy Sheep: So are you really ill? Peppa Pig: Yes, yes. It’s not pretend. I have to stay in bed. Dr. Brown Bear gave me medicine that tasted really horrible. Suzy Sheep: I’m coming to see you. I’m going to wear my nurse’s outfit. Narrator: Suzy Sheep has come to see Peppa. Suzy is wearing her nurse’s costume. Danny Dog and Rebecca Rabbit have come along too. Suzy Sheep, Danny Dog, Rebecca Rabbit: Hello, Peppa. Peppa Pig: Hello. Suzy Sheep: How do you feel? Peppa Pig: I’m not very well, Suzy. I have to stay in bed. Suzy Sheep: What can we do to make you better? Peppa Pig: You can get me some orange juice. Suzy Sheep: Okay. Narrator: Peppa seems to be quite enjoying herself. Peppa Pig: Thank you, Suzy. Suzy Sheep: Do you feel any better? Peppa Pig: A little bit. Peppa Pig: Danny, ask my mummy if I could have some ice cream. And Rebecca, could you bring me some flowers from the garden? Narrator: Dr. Brown Bear is here to see whether Peppa is better. Dr. Brown Bear: Ah, good. The nurse is already here. How is the patient? Suzy Sheep: I’m not a real nurse. It’s just pretend. Dr. Brown Bear: I see. Would you like me to take a look myself? Suzy Sheep: Yes, please. Dr. Brown Bear: I say! No more red spots! You’re completely better. Peppa Pig: Aren’t I still a bit ill? Dr. Brown Bear: How do you feel? Peppa Pig: I think I should stay in bed a little bit more. Daddy Pig: I fancy a game with this ball in the garden. Who wants to join me? Suzy Sheep, Danny Dog, Rebecca Rabbit: Me, me, me! Peppa Pig: Me too! Dr. Brown Bear: Well, I never. A complete recovery. 28. Windy Castle Narrator: Peppa and her family are going out for the day. Daddy Pig: Peppa, George, today we’re going to Windy Castle. Peppa Pig: What’s Windy Castle, Daddy? Daddy Pig: It’s a castle on a very high hill. Narrator: George likes castles. Peppa Pig: Windy Castle sounds like a boring thing, for boys. Daddy Pig: No, Peppa. You’ll love it. There’s a great view from the top of Windy Castle. You can even see Granny and Grandpa’s house. Peppa Pig: Wow! Let’s go. Daddy Pig: I’ll map read and Mummy Pig will drive. Mummy Pig: Are you sure, Daddy Pig? When you map read we always get lost and you get grumpy. Daddy Pig: We will not get lost. And I will not get grumpy. Mummy Pig: Windy Castle, here we come. Peppa Pig: Are we nearly there yet? Daddy Pig: Not quite. Peppa Pig: Oh. Daddy Pig: Would you like to play a game? Peppa Pig: Yes, please. Let’s play I Spy. Daddy Pig: OK. I’ll go first. Narrator: Daddy Pig has to secretly look at something and the others have to guess what it is. Daddy Pig: I spy with my little eye something coloured red. Peppa Pig: Red. My dress. That’s red. Daddy Pig: No, it’s not your dress. Peppa Pig: Hmm? The car. Daddy Pig: That’s right, our red car. Peppa Pig: My go. I spy with my little eye something blue. Daddy Pig: Hmm. George’s blue shirt. Peppa Pig: No. Mummy Pig: Is it something in the car? Peppa Pig: No. Give up? Daddy Pig: Yes. Peppa Pig: The sky. The blue sky. I win. Mummy Pig: Daddy Pig, do you know where we are? Daddy Pig: I know exactly where we are. Although, this road doesn’t look the same as it does on this map. Mummy Pig: Oh, Daddy Pig. We’re lost. Daddy Pig: We are not lost. Mummy Pig: So how do we get to Windy Castle from here? Daddy Pig: Just give me a moment. Hmm. Mummy Pig: I know. We can ring Granny and Grandpa. Daddy Pig: There’s no need to ring Granny and Grandpa. I’ll get us to Windy Castle if it takes me all day. Mummy Pig: We haven’t got all day. Grandpa Pig: Hello, Grandpa Pig speaking. Mummy Pig: Grandpa Pig, we’ve got a bit lost on the way to Windy Castle. Grandpa Pig: Is Daddy Pig doing the map reading? Mummy Pig: Yes, Daddy Pig is doing the map reading and he’s a bit grumpy at the moment. Daddy Pig: I am not grumpy. Grandpa Pig: This is the best route. Keep on the main road until you see Windy Castle up ahead. Mummy Pig: Thank you, Grandpa Pig. Mummy Pig: We follow the main road and look out for Windy Castle. Daddy Pig: As I thought. Peppa Pig: Look. Is that a castle? Daddy Pig: Yes. It’s Windy Castle. Mummy Pig: Come on, car. Peppa Pig: Go on, car. You can make it. Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, Peppa Pig: Hurrah! Narrator: Peppa and her family have arrived at Windy Castle. Peppa Pig: Wow, it’s so tall. Daddy Pig: Let’s go inside. The view from the top is fantastic. Peppa Pig: Wow! Mummy Pig: Look at the view. Peppa Pig: Mummy, is that Granny and Grandpa’s house? Mummy Pig: Yes, it is. Peppa Pig: It’s so far away. Daddy Pig: Let’s take a look through the telescope. Peppa Pig: Can I look first, please? Daddy Pig: Yes, but you must let George look next. Peppa Pig: Wow! Narrator: The telescope makes everything look bigger. Peppa Pig: I can see Granny and Grandpa. Peppa Pig: Look, George. George: Dankey ‘ig, Papa ‘ig. Narrator: George is waving at Granny and Grandpa. Peppa Pig: Silly George. Granny and Grandpa are too far away to see you waving. Mummy Pig: I know. We can ring them. Grandpa Pig: Hello. Mummy Pig: Grandpa Pig, we can see you from Windy Castle. Wave at us. Peppa Pig: Granny and Grandpa are waving at us. Peppa Pig: I love Windy Castle. 29. Pancakes Narrator: It is teatime and Mummy Pig has a surprise for everyone. Mummy Pig: Today is a day for pancakes. Daddy Pig: Pancakes. Delicious. Peppa Pig: I love pancakes. Narrator: Everyone loves pancakes. Daddy Pig: I’m the expert at flipping the pancakes over. Leave that to me. Mummy Pig: Are you sure, Daddy Pig? Last time you got a bit grumpy when you dropped the pancake on the floor. Daddy Pig: I did not get grumpy. There was a problem with the frying pan. Peppa Pig: Mummy, can we help make the pancakes, please? Mummy Pig: Yes, you can help me make the batter. Mummy Pig: First, I put some flour in the bowl. Peppa Pig and George: Oo-oo. Mummy Pig: Now I add an egg. Mummy Pig: Now the milk. Mummy Pig: And I give it all a stir. Peppa Pig: Mummy, can I stir? Mummy Pig: Yes, of course, Peppa. Narrator: Peppa loves stirring. Narrator: George wants to stir as well. Peppa Pig: No, George. Like this. Mummy Pig: Okay, that’s enough stirring. You two sit at the table while I cook the pancakes. Narrator: Mummy Pig is going to flip the pancake over. Peppa Pig: Hurrah! Daddy Pig: You could flip it higher, Mummy Pig. Mummy Pig: You can show us how when you flip your own pancake, Daddy Pig. Narrator: This first pancake is for George. Narrator: Mummy Pig pours a little syrup on George’s pancake. Narrator: Delicious. Narrator: This pancake is for Peppa. Peppa Pig: Hurrah! Daddy Pig: Hmm. You could flip it higher, Mummy Pig. Mummy Pig: You will get a chance to show me when you flip your own pancake, Daddy Pig. Peppa Pig: Syrup please. Peppa Pig: Mmm, delicious. Narrator: This pancake is for Mummy Pig. Peppa Pig: Hurrah! Daddy Pig: You still aren’t flipping them high enough, Mummy Pig. Mummy Pig: The next pancake is yours, Daddy Pig. So now you can show us how it should be done. Mummy Pig: Mmm, delicious. Daddy Pig: Is everyone watching? Daddy Pig: The secret of making a good pancake is to flip it high into the air. Daddy Pig: A-one, two, three, hoopla! Peppa Pig: Silly Daddy. Daddy Pig: Oh, maybe that was just a bit too high. Mummy Pig: What a shame. That was the last pancake. Daddy Pig: It should be a simple matter to get it down. Narrator: Oh dear. Daddy Pig cannot reach his pancake. Mummy Pig: Don’t worry, Daddy Pig. I think I know a way to get it down. Mummy Pig: Let’s go upstairs, children. Mummy Pig: This way. Narrator: What is Mummy Pig planning to do? Mummy Pig: On the count of three we all have to start jumping up and down. One, two, three, jump! Daddy Pig: What are they doing? Narrator: It worked! Now Daddy Pig has his pancake. Peppa Pig: Daddy has a pancake on his head. Mummy Pig: Syrup on your pancake, Daddy Pig? Daddy Pig: Yes, please. Daddy Pig: One, two, three, hoopla! Daddy Pig: Delicious. Peppa Pig: Silly daddy. 30. The Museum Narrator: Peppa and her family are going to the museum. Peppa Pig: Daddy, what is a museum? Daddy Pig: It’s a place full of interesting things that are very old. Peppa Pig: Older than you? Daddy Pig: Yes, even older than me. Peppa Pig and George: Oo-oo. Peppa Pig: Really old. Mummy Pig: There’s one room that is full of things that belonged to kings and queens from long ago. Peppa Pig: I want to see the king and queen’s room. Daddy Pig: And there’s another room with a real dinosaur. George: Wow, dinosaur, grr! Miss Rabbit: Hello, Mummy Pig. Mummy Pig: Hello, Miss Rabbit. Miss Rabbit: How many tickets, please? Mummy Pig: Two adults and two children. George: Dinosaur, grr. Miss Rabbit: And a dinosaur. Narrator: Peppa wants to see the room full of things that belonged to kings and queens from long ago. Peppa Pig: Wow! George: Dinosaur? Narrator: But George wants to see the real dinosaur. Mummy Pig: Don’t worry, George. We will see the dinosaur next. Mummy Pig: Peppa, these are all the things that the queen had a long time ago. Mummy Pig: This is the queen’s special chair. It’s called a throne. Peppa Pig: It’s beautiful. Mummy Pig: This is the queen’s dress. Peppa Pig: It’s so pretty. Mummy Pig: Look, Peppa. This is the queen’s golden crown. Peppa Pig: Wow! What lovely things. Peppa Pig: Mummy, where is the queen’s television? Mummy Pig: They didn’t have television then. Peppa Pig: No television? But they did have computers. Mummy Pig: No, they didn’t have computers either. Peppa Pig: What did they do all day? Peppa Pig: Mummy, if I was the queen I would eat as much cake as I wanted. Narrator: Peppa imagines being a queen. Peppa Pig: Mmm, delicious. Mummy Pig: Is there anything else you would care for, Queen Peppa? Peppa Pig: Yes, more cake, please. Mummy Pig: Of course. Daddy Pig: Come on, everyone. Peppa Pig: Coming, Daddy. Peppa Pig: Daddy, I’m Queen Peppa. Peppa Pig: You must bow when you speak to me. Daddy Pig: Oh, I’m most terribly sorry, your royal highness. Peppa Pig: And what do you do? Daddy Pig: I’m your daddy. Peppa Pig: That must be very interesting. Daddy Pig: Yes, it’s very interesting. Peppa Pig: And what room is this? Daddy Pig: This is the dinosaur room. Peppa Pig: The dinosaur room? Peppa Pig: George, this is the dinosaur room. George: Dinosaur. Peppa Pig: Where is the dinosaur? Daddy Pig: He’s somewhere in the room. Peppa Pig: I can’t see him. He must be very small. Daddy Pig: Actually, Peppa, he’s very big. Peppa Pig: Wow! Daddy Pig: These are the bones of a real dinosaur. George: Dinosaur, grr. Narrator: George imagines being a big dinosaur. Peppa Pig: It’s a dinosaur! Help, help! Mummy Pig: The dinosaur room is George’s favourite room. Peppa Pig: My favourite room is the king and queen’s room. Mummy Pig: And it looks as if Daddy Pig is already in his favourite room. Peppa Pig: Which room is that, Mummy? Mummy Pig: The room with the cakes in. Narrator: Daddy Pig’s favourite room is the museum cafe. Daddy Pig: Come on, tuck in. Peppa Pig: Oh, yes. This is a very nice room. 31. Secrets Narrator: Mummy Pig has made a special box for Peppa. Mummy Pig: Peppa, this box is just for you. Peppa Pig: Thank you, Mummy. Mummy Pig: It’s a secret box for you to keep secret things in. Peppa Pig: What things can I put in it, Mummy? Mummy Pig: Only you can decide that, Peppa. It’s your secret box. Peppa Pig: I know what I can put in it. Mummy Pig: Good, but don’t tell me. Peppa Pig: I won’t tell you or George or Daddy. It’s a secret. Peppa Pig: George, this is my secret box. It’s empty. I have to find some things to put inside. Narrator: George wants to help Peppa. Peppa Pig: No, George. Only I must know what’s in the box. Peppa Pig: You have to wait outside while I choose. Narrator: Peppa is going to choose some secret things to put in the box. Peppa Pig: Now my secret box is full. Peppa Pig: George, you must not look inside. Narrator: George would like to know what is inside Peppa’s secret box. Peppa Pig: If you like you can try to guess. George: Dinosaur. Narrator: George thinks Peppa has put a dinosaur in the box. Peppa Pig: Oh, George, you always say dinosaur for everything. Peppa Pig: Anyway, a dinosaur is too big to fit in the box. Narrator: George cannot guess what is in Peppa’s secret box. Narrator: Daddy Pig is cleaning a picture. Peppa Pig: Daddy, this is my secret box. Mummy made it for me. Daddy Pig: It’s very nice, Peppa. What’s inside? Peppa Pig: It’s a secret. George tried to guess but he didn’t get it right. Daddy Pig: Can I have a try? Peppa Pig: Yes. Daddy Pig: Hmm, have you put my glasses inside? Peppa Pig: No. Your glasses are on your head. Daddy Pig: So they are. Peppa Pig: Silly Daddy. You must have a proper guess. Daddy Pig: OK. Have you put Mummy’s shoes in the box? Peppa Pig: Nope. And that’s all your guesses used up. Narrator: Peppa likes secrets. Peppa Pig: Mummy, no one knows what’s in my box. Peppa Pig: Oh, what has George got? Mummy Pig: I made a box for George too, and he’s filled it with secret things. And only George knows what’s inside. Peppa Pig: Oh. Narrator: Peppa would like to know what is inside George’s box. Peppa Pig: It’s George’s toy dinosaur, of course. George: No. Narrator: George’s toy dinosaur is not in George’s box. Peppa Pig: It’s too difficult! I’ll never guess. Narrator: Peppa does not like secrets as much as she used to. Mummy Pig: Maybe if you show George one thing from your box, then he could show you one thing from his. Peppa Pig: OK. But we must do it at the same time. Daddy Pig: That’s a good idea. On the count of three you each show what’s in your boxes. Ready? Peppa Pig: Yes. Daddy Pig: One, two, three! Narrator: George has a drum. Narrator: And Peppa has a trumpet. Mummy Pig: Lovely! Daddy Pig: Yes, it sounds very nice. Daddy Pig: Do you have any more secret things? Narrator: George has a custard doughnut. Peppa Pig: Oh. Narrator: Peppa’s box is empty. Peppa Pig: I’ve got nothing else. Mummy Pig: Luckily, I have. Come on, tuck in. Narrator: George, Peppa, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig all like custard doughnuts. Daddy Pig: I don’t have a special box. But I know a very good place to hide my custard doughnut. Can you guess where? Peppa Pig: Hmm, are you going to hide it in the fridge? Daddy Pig: No, somewhere much more special. My tummy. Daddy Pig: Mmm, delicious. Peppa Pig: I’m going to hide mine in my tummy. Mummy Pig: Me too. 32. Thunderstorm Narrator: It is a lovely sunny day. Peppa and George are having a picnic. Peppa Pig: Here’s some orange juice for you, Teddy. Peppa Pig: What do you say? Peppa Pig: (as Teddy) Thank you very much, Peppa. Peppa Pig: You’re very welcome, Teddy. Peppa Pig: Here’s some orange juice for you, Mr. Dinosaur. Peppa Pig: And what do you say? George: (as Mr. Dinosaur) Grrr. Peppa Pig: You’re very welcome, Mr. Dinosaur. Peppa Pig: Would Teddy or Mr. Dinosaur like a cookie? Peppa Pig: (as Teddy) We’re not very hungry, so Peppa and George can eat all the cookies. Peppa Pig: Thank you, Teddy. Narrator: What was that strange noise? Mummy Pig: Peppa, George, quick! Come inside the house. Peppa Pig: Mummy, there was a loud bang sound. Mummy Pig: It’s thunder, Peppa. It means there will be a thunderstorm with lots of rain. Mummy Pig: Quick, into the house before the rain starts. Daddy Pig: No need to panic. The rain is still a long way off. Narrator: The sky is getting darker and darker. There is going to be a thunderstorm. Mummy Pig: Peppa, George, did you bring all your toys in from the garden? George: Dinosaur. Mummy Pig: Good, Mr. Dinosaur is safe. Peppa Pig: Teddy! I left Teddy in the garden! He’ll get wet! Daddy Pig: Don’t worry, Peppa. Daddy Pig will rescue Teddy. Mummy Pig: You’d better hurry, Daddy Pig. It’s just about to rain. Daddy Pig: I know all about thunderstorms. It won’t rain for ages. Daddy Pig: As I thought. Plenty of time before it rains. Peppa Pig: Poor Teddy. He’s soaking wet. Mummy Pig: Yes, poor Teddy. Let’s get him dry. Peppa Pig: Poor Teddy. Mummy Pig: There you are, Teddy. All dry. Daddy Pig: Achoo! What about poor Daddy? I’m soaking wet too. Mummy Pig: Oh, sorry, Daddy Pig. Let’s get you dry. Mummy Pig: There you are, Daddy Pig. Nice and dry. Daddy Pig: Oh. Peppa Pig: The rain is coming in the house. Peppa Pig: The floor is getting wet. Mummy Pig: Oh, dear. What can we do, Daddy Pig? Daddy Pig: Don’t worry. Narrator: Daddy Pig is using a bucket to catch the drips. Mummy Pig: Well done, Daddy Pig. Daddy Pig: Easy as pie. Daddy Pig: What? Mummy Pig: Quick! Find something else to catch the water. Daddy Pig: Well done, Peppa. Peppa Pig: Easy as pie. Peppa Pig: Mummy, the thunderbangs are very loud. Daddy Pig: It’s okay, children. Don’t be frightened. Mummy Pig: Let’s count between each flash and bang. Daddy Pig: The higher we can count, the further away the thunderstorm is. Mummy Pig: One, two, three... Daddy Pig: That’s three. Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, Peppa Pig, George: One, two, three, four, five... Daddy Pig: That’s five! The thunderstorm is going away. Mummy Pig: The thunderstorm is over. Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, Peppa Pig, George: Hurrah! Narrator: The thunderstorm has filled the garden with muddy puddles. Narrator: Peppa loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles. Narrator: Everyone loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles. Peppa Pig: I love thunderstorms. They make muddy puddles. Peppa Pig: Splish, splash, splosh, splosh. 33. Piggy in the Middle Narrator: George is playing with his ball in the garden. Narrator: Peppa wants to play, too. Peppa Pig: George, you’re doing it all wrong. Peppa Pig: This is how to catch a ball. Peppa Pig: Not like this. Peppa Pig: That’s what you do. Narrator: What a cheeky little one Peppa is. Peppa Pig: George, come back, you little piggy. Narrator: Maybe Peppa is teasing George just a bit too much. Mummy Pig: Peppa, have you been teasing George? Peppa Pig: Not really, Mummy. I was teaching him how to catch. Mummy Pig: Really? Well I know a game that will teach George how to catch. It’s called Piggy in the Middle. Mummy Pig: Peppa, you take the ball and stand over there. And George, you stand over there. Mummy Pig: Good. You have to throw the ball to each other, and I have to try and catch it. I’m the piggy in the middle. Peppa Pig: Mummy is the piggy in the middle. Peppa Pig: Catch, George. Mummy Pig: Oh, missed it. Narrator: George has caught the ball. Mummy Pig and Peppa Pig: Hurrah! Mummy Pig: Well done, George. Now you throw the ball to Peppa. Mummy Pig: Oop, try again. Mummy Pig: Oh, try again. Narrator: George cannot throw the ball past Mummy Pig. Peppa Pig: Come on, George. Give the ball to me. Peppa Pig: Silly George. I can do that too. Narrator: Peppa wanted to copy George, but she’s too big and has got stuck. Mummy Pig: I’ve got the ball. Peppa, now it’s your turn to be piggy. Mummy Pig: George, catch. Mummy Pig and Peppa Pig: Hurrah! Peppa Pig: Caught it. George, you’re the piggy. Peppa Pig: George, catch. Mummy Pig: Catch the ball, George. Peppa Pig: Catch, George. Mummy Pig: George, catch. Peppa Pig: Here’s the ball, George. Peppa Pig: Whee! Mummy Pig: Oh, dear. Peppa, you shouldn’t tease George like that. Peppa Pig: Sorry, George. Daddy Pig: What’s all the noise? Peppa Pig: Daddy, George is too little to play Piggy in the Middle. Daddy Pig: Oh, I’m sure he’s big enough. Peppa Pig: No, he isn’t, Daddy. Watch. Daddy Pig: Catch it, George. Daddy Pig and Mummy Pig: Hurrah! Peppa Pig: That’s not fair. Daddy Pig: Yes it is. I just gave George a helping hand. Peppa Pig: Mummy, can I have a helping hand? Mummy Pig: Of course you can, Peppa. Peppa Pig: To me, George! Peppa Pig: Catch, George. Narrator: Peppa loves catching the ball. Narrator: George loves catching the ball. Narrator: Everyone loves catching the ball. 34. Fancy Dress Party Narrator: Peppa and George are having a fancy dress party. All their friends are invited. Peppa is dressed as a fairy princess. And George is dressed as a dinosaur. George: Grrr, dinosaur. Narrator: Here are Peppa’s friends, Candy Cat, Suzy Sheep, Danny Dog, Rebecca Rabbit, and Pedro Pony. Narrator: Suzy is wearing her nurse’s costume. Daddy Pig: Hello, Suzy. Suzy Sheep: Hello, Mr. Pig. Daddy Pig: I’m glad the nurse has arrived. Have you just come from the hospital? Suzy Sheep: I’m not a real nurse. It’s just pretend. Daddy Pig: Very good. My my, who have we here? Danny Dog: I’m a pirate. Shiver me timbers. Candy Cat: I’m a witch. I can turn you into a frog. Pedro Pony: I’m a clown. Daddy Pig: That’s funny. Daddy Pig: What are you, Rebecca Rabbit? Rebecca Rabbit: I’m a carrot. Daddy Pig: Fantastic. Come in. There’s a fairy princess and a dinosaur waiting to meet you. Peppa Pig: Hello, everyone. Suzy Sheep, Danny Dog, Candy Cat, Pedro Pony, Rebecca Rabbit: Hello, Peppa. Peppa Pig: Hello, Suzy. I’m princess Peppa. You must bow when you speak to me. Suzy Sheep: Hello, your majesty. I’m nurse Suzy. Open wide and say, “Aah.” Peppa Pig: Aah. Pedro Pony: I’m a clown. Rebecca Rabbit: Do something funny. Danny Dog: Rebecca, why are you dressed as a carrot? Rebecca Rabbit: I like carrots. George: Grrr, dinosaur. Danny Dog: A scary dinosaur. Narrator: Peppa is admiring herself in the mirror. Peppa Pig: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Peppa Pig: (as the mirror) You are, Peppa. Candy Cat: Hello, Peppa. Peppa Pig: Hello. I’m a little fairy princess. Candy Cat: I’m a witch. And I’ve got a magic wand. Peppa Pig: I’ve got a magic wand too. Candy Cat: I can turn you into a frog. Peppa Pig: And I’ll turn you into a frog. George: Dinosaur. Grrr. Narrator: Oh, dear. George is scared of his own reflection. Mummy Pig: Oh, silly George. Look, it’s you in the mirror. George: Grrr. Mummy Pig: Children, it’s time to decide who has the best fancy dress costume. Daddy Pig: We need a judge. The Children: Me, me! Daddy Pig: As it’s Peppa’s party, maybe she should be the judge. Peppa Pig: I’m the judge, I’m the judge. Peppa Pig: Daddy, what is a judge? Daddy Pig: The judge decides who has the best costume. Peppa Pig: Oh, goody! Narrator: Peppa is going to choose who has the best costume. Peppa Pig: Suzy, can I see your costume, please? Suzy Sheep: I’m nurse Suzy. I make people better. Peppa Pig: Very good, nurse Suzy. Peppa Pig: Now Danny. Danny Dog: I’m a pirate. Shiver me timbers. Peppa Pig: Now Candy. Candy Cat: I’m a witch. I can turn you into a frog. Peppa Pig: Well, I’m a fairy princess, and I can turn you into a frog. Mummy Pig: Children, children. Peppa Pig: Sorry, Mummy. Mummy Pig: Who’s next? Pedro Pony: I’m a clown. Peppa Pig: That’s funny. Peppa Pig: And Rebecca. Rebecca Rabbit: I’m a carrot. Peppa Pig: Lovely. Peppa Pig: And my little brother George is a scary dinosaur. George: Grrr. Peppa Pig: Everyone’s costume is very good. The Children: Hurrah! Mummy Pig: Now you say who the winner is. Peppa Pig: Oh, yes. Ahem. And the winner is...me! Mummy Pig: Peppa, you can’t pick yourself. You’re the judge. Peppa Pig: Oh, can’t I? Mummy Pig: You have to pick another winner. Peppa Pig: Okay. The carrot wins. The Children: Hurrah! Rebecca Rabbit: Thank you. Narrator: Peppa loves fancy dress parties. Narrator: Everyone loves fancy dress parties. 35. Very Hot Day Narrator: The sun is shining. It is a very hot day. Mummy Pig: What a lovely hot day. Narrator: Peppa and George are wearing their boots. They’re going to jump in muddy puddles. Peppa Pig: I love muddy puddles. Peppa Pig: Oh. Narrator: Oh, dear. The sun is so hot that the puddles have dried up. Peppa Pig: Mummy, Daddy, the puddles are all dry. We can’t jump in them. Mummy Pig: Never mind, Peppa. It’s so sunny you can play in the paddling pool instead. Peppa Pig: Yes, the paddling pool! Mummy Pig: First, you have to change into your swimming costumes. Peppa Pig: Yes, Mummy. Narrator: Peppa and George are wearing their swimming costumes. Mummy Pig is wearing her swimming costume. And Daddy Pig is wearing his swimming costume. Mummy Pig: Because it’s so hot, you need sun cream. Peppa Pig: Yuck! It’s all oily and yucky. George: Yuck. Daddy Pig: What a fuss about nothing. Mummy Pig: Yes, we all need sun cream today. Daddy Pig: Oh. Daddy Pig: Come on, George. Let’s get some air into this paddling pool. Narrator: Daddy Pig is pumping up the paddling pool. Daddy Pig: Easy as pie. Narrator: Peppa holds the hose, and Mummy Pig turns on the water. Peppa Pig: Where’s the water? Narrator: Peppa and George love their paddling pool. Miss Rabbit: Ice cream! Ice cream! Peppa Pig: Miss Rabbit, the ice cream lady! Miss Rabbit: Ice cream! Narrator: On very hot days Miss Rabbit sells ice cream. Peppa Pig: Mummy, Daddy, can George and I have an ice cream please? Mummy Pig: Oh well, I suppose it is an especially hot day. Peppa Pig: Hurrah! Daddy Pig: Please can I have one as well? Narrator: Everyone likes ice cream. Miss Rabbit: Hello Mummy Pig, Peppa and George. Mummy Pig: Hello, Miss Rabbit. Miss Rabbit: What ice creams would you like? Peppa Pig: Can I have a cone please, Miss Rabbit? Miss Rabbit: Of course you may, Peppa. Peppa Pig: Thank you. Mummy Pig: The same for me and one for Daddy Pig, please. Miss Rabbit: And what would young Mr. George like? George: Dinosaur. Miss Rabbit: A dinosaur? Peppa Pig: Silly George. He always says dinosaur for everything. Miss Rabbit: Well, it just so happens that I do have a dinosaur shaped ice lolly. George: Dinosaur, grrr. Mummy Pig: George, you should eat your ice lolly before it melts. George: Dinosaur. Narrator: George loves his dinosaur ice lolly so much he doesn’t want to eat it. Mummy Pig: Thank you, Miss Rabbit. Miss Rabbit: Enjoy the weather. Mummy Pig: George, I really think you should eat your ice lolly before it melts and...falls on the ground. Narrator: Oh, dear. George’s dinosaur ice lolly has melted and fallen on the ground. Mummy Pig: Never mind, George. You can share Daddy’s ice cream. I’m sure he won’t mind. Narrator: It is so warm Daddy Pig has fallen asleep. Mummy Pig: Daddy Pig does look hot. Peppa Pig: Let’s tip water on Daddy to cool him down. Mummy Pig: Good idea, Peppa. Daddy Pig: What happened? Mummy Pig: You were all red and hot, Daddy Pig. Peppa Pig: So we tipped water on you. Daddy Pig: Oh, I see. Thank you, Peppa. Peppa Pig: Look! The puddles are back. Peppa Pig: Quick, George! Let’s get our boots. Narrator: Peppa and George are wearing their boots. Narrator: Peppa and George love the hot day, but most of all they love jumping up and down in puddles. 36. Mister Skinnylegs Narrator: Peppa is playing with her doll’s house. George is playing too. Narrator: Peppa is making a tea party for the doll family. Peppa Pig: Here, George. I’m the mummy and daddy. You can be the children. Peppa Pig: (as mummy doll): Children, it’s nearly tea time, so you must wash your hands. Narrator: George is putting the dolls to bed. George: Night-night. Peppa Pig: George, why are you putting the children to bed? They’re having a tea party. Narrator: George likes putting the dolls to bed. Peppa Pig: (as mummy doll) Children, come downstairs right now, or you won’t get any cake. Narrator: George isn’t listening. He’s too busy putting the dolls to bed. Peppa Pig: George, if you want to play with my doll’s house, you have to help with the tea party. Peppa Pig: Here, George. You can fill the teapot with water. Peppa Pig: (as mummy doll) Children, come downstairs right now. Peppa Pig: (as the children dolls) Mummy, we’re coming. Narrator: George is going to fill the teapot with water. George: Oo. Narrator: George has found a spider in the sink. Narrator: George wants the spider to be his friend. George: Oh. Narrator: George likes the spider. Narrator: The spider likes George. Narrator: Peppa loves playing tea parties. Peppa Pig: (as mummy doll) Where are all the chocolate biscuits, Daddy? We had lots yesterday. Peppa Pig: (as daddy doll) Oh, I’m sorry, Mummy. I must have eaten them all. Ho, ho, ho. Peppa Pig: (as mummy doll) Naughty Daddy. Narrator: George is putting the spider to bed. George: Night-night. Peppa Pig: George, what are you doing? Peppa Pig: You have to help me with the tea party. Peppa Pig: Help! Help! Peppa Pig: Daddy, there’s a spider in my bedroom. Daddy Pig: Don’t worry, Peppa. Peppa Pig: Please, Daddy. Take it away. Daddy Pig: No need to panic. Daddy Pig: Hello, George. Have you seen the spider? Peppa Pig: It’s too scary. Take it away. Daddy Pig: There’s no need to be afraid, Peppa. Spiders are very very small and they can’t hurt you. But don’t worry. Daddy will take it out of the bedroom. Daddy Pig: Whoa! He’s quite big, isn’t he? Daddy Pig: Um, I’ll just fetch Mummy Pig. Daddy Pig: Mummy Pig! Peppa Pig: Hello, Mr. Skinnylegs. Narrator: Peppa feels a little bit braver. Peppa Pig: He likes being in my doll’s house. Mummy Pig: Hello, children. I hear you found a little spider. I’ll take him out of the bedroom so you two can play. Peppa Pig: Mummy, his name is Mr. Skinnylegs. Mummy Pig: Mr. Skinnylegs is big, isn’t he? Narrator: Peppa and George like the spider. George: Night-night. Narrator: George is putting the spider to bed. Peppa Pig: No, George. He wants some tea. He doesn’t want to be in bed. Peppa Pig: Are you hungry, Mr. Skinnylegs? Would you like some cake? Narrator: Peppa isn’t afraid of the spider anymore. Peppa Pig: Mummy, Daddy, sit down. We are all going to have tea with Mr. Skinnylegs. Peppa Pig: Who wants tea? Mummy Pig: Me, please. Daddy Pig: Me, please. Daddy Pig: Delicious. Narrator: Peppa loves playing tea parties. Peppa Pig: Here’s your tea, Mr. Skinnylegs. Peppa Pig: What’s that? You want to say hello to my daddy? Peppa Pig: (as Mr. Skinnylegs) Hello, Mr. Daddy Pig. Daddy Pig: That’s all right, Peppa. Let Mr. Skinnylegs drink his tea. Peppa Pig: You’re not scared, are you, Daddy? Daddy Pig: No, of course not. Daddy Pig: Whoa! Not so close. Daddy Pig: Whoa! Narrator: Peppa likes Mr. Skinnylegs. Narrator: Everyone likes Mr. Skinnylegs.
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[책 추천] 행복하게 육아하고 싶을 때 읽으면 좋은 책
안녕하세요! 책과 더 가까워지는 곳 플라이북입니다. 오늘은 힘든 육아로 몸도 마음도 지친 분들을 위한 육아에 도움이되는 책 5권을 소개합니다. 이 책과 함께 아이와 가족모두 행복해지는 날들이 이어지길 바랍니다! :) 01 아이에게 화내지 않고 행복하게 육아하고 싶을 때 엄마들의 현실 육아 고민을 해결해 주는 육아 솔루션 나는 오늘도 너에게 화를 냈다 최민준 지음 | 살림 펴냄 이 책 자세히 보기> 02 아이에게 버럭 하지 않고 즐겁게 지내고 싶을 때 아이와 생활하며 만나는 어려움 상황을 해결하는 대화법 어떻게 말해줘야 할까 오은영 지음 | 김영사 펴냄 이 책 자세히보기> 03 아이를 키우는 것에 마음이 조급해지고 마음이 지칠 때 마라톤 같은 육아에 지치지 않고 아이와 함께 성장하는 법 다시 아이를 키운다면 박혜란 지음 | 나무를심는사람들 펴냄 이 책 자세히 보기> 04 아이를 잘 키우고 싶은데 어떻게 해야 할지 모르겠을 때 발달에 따라 감정을 읽고 안정감을 주는 감정코칭 육아법 내 아이를 위한 감정코칭 최성애 외 2명 지음 | 해냄출판사 펴냄 이 책 자세히 보기 > 05 빠르게 변화하는 시대에 새로운 육아법이 고민될 때 행복하고 자립적인 아이로 자라게 도와주는 양육법 용감한 육아 에스터 워지츠키 지음 | 반비 펴냄 이 책 자세히 보기> 지금 플라이북에서 또 다른 책 추천 받기! 클릭!>
[토박이말 살리기]온봄달(6월) 토박이말
[토박이말 살리기]온봄달(6월)에 알고 쓰면 좋을 토박이말 아이들 입에서 찬바람을 틀어 달라는 말이 자주 나오는 것을 보면 여름이 우리 곁으로 성큼 다가와 있음을 알 수 있습니다. 이제 우리 곁에 온 여름이 온 누리를 가득 채울 6월은 온여름달입니다. 낮이 가장 길다는 ‘하지’가 바로 여름이 온 누리를 채우는 ‘온여름’이라 할 만합니다. 쨍쨍 내리쬐는 뜨거운 햇볕을 듬뿍 받은 푸나무들은 그 빛깔을 푸르름을 넘어 갈맷빛으로 바꾸게 될 것입니다. 해마다 온여름달 끝자락이면 옛날에 ‘오란비’라고도 했던 장마가 어김없이 찾아오곤 하는데 올해는 아직 기별이 없습니다. 나무를 때서 밥을 해 먹어야 했던 옛날에는 비가 여러 날 이어지면 밥을 할 때 쓸 마른 나무가 없어 애를 먹곤 했답니다. 어려움은 나무뿐만이 아니었습니다. 비가 여러 날 오면 빨래를 해도 잘 마르지 않아 참 힘들었다고 합니다. 그래서 장마 때 짧게라도 날이 드는 것을 엄청 반기지 않을 수 없었습니다. 그렇게 찾아온 빨래말미, 나무말미는 옛날 사람들에게는 참 고마운 말미였을 것입니다. 장마와 함께 이어지는 무더위는 짜장 견디기 어려운 것 가운데 하나였습니다. 요즘이야 물기를 빨아들이는 찬바람틀이 있어서 그걸 돌리면 그만이지만 옛날에는 군불을 땔 수밖에 없었습니다. 불을 때면 물기는 가시지만 더위는 더해져 힘이 들던 때가 있었답니다. 부채를 갈음해 더위를 식혀줄 바람틀만 있어도 그렇게 시원하고 좋았는데 찬바람틀 없이는 살 수가 없게 된 요즘 사람들에게는 참 옛날이야기처럼 들리지 싶습니다. 1)온여름달: ‘6월’을 다듬은 말 2)온여름: ‘하지’를 다듬은 말 3)푸나무: 풀과 나무를 아울러 이르는 말 4)갈맷빛: 검은 빛이 돌 만큼 짙은 풀빛(초록색) 5)오란비: ‘장마’의 옛말 6)빨래말미: 장마 때 빨래를 말릴 만큼 잠깐 날이 드는 겨를 7)나무말미: 장마 때 풋나무를 말릴 만큼 잠깐 날이 드는 겨를 8)무더위: 물기를 머금어 찌는 듯 견디기 어려운 더위⇔불볕더위 9)찬바람틀: ‘에어컨’을 다듬은 말 10)군불: 먹거리를 하려고가 아니라 오로지 방을 덥히려고 아궁이에 때는 불 11)갈음하다: 다른 것으로 바꾸어 대신하다 12)바람틀: ‘선풍기’를 다듬은 말 4354해 온여름달 열흘 낫날(2021년 6월 10일 목요일) 바람 바람 #토박이말바라기 #이창수 #토박이말 #살리기 #온봄달 #6월 #터박이말 #참우리말 #숫우리말 #순우리말 #고유어 *이 글은 경남일보에도 보냈습니다.
[부산IN신문] 해운대여성인력개발센터, 직업체험프로그램 공유숙박운영자편 2기 모집
해운대여성인력개발센터(관장 윤나영)는 10일간 진행되는 직업체험프로그램 공유숙박운영자편 2기 참여자를 6월 30일까지 모집한다고 밝혔다. 직업체험프로그램은 부산지역에서 특화된 분야의 직업을 체험하며 새로운 여성 취창업 모델을 구축하기 위해 실시된 사업이다. 단시간 교육이지만 실무 중심으로 직접 체험해봄으로써 취창업자가 관심 있는 직업을 선택하는 데 있어서 시행착오를 최소화할 수 있다. 공유숙박은 주거지 일부를 타인에게 빌려주고 이용료를 받는 숙박 서비스업으로 자본이나 투자 없이도 경제활동을 통해 수익을 창출할 수 있다는 점에서 관심이 높은 편이다. 이번 체험교육은 공유숙박 A부터 Z까지 직업탐색, 공유숙박업 현장 온라인 견학, 공유숙박 등록, 세금, 법률, SNS마케팅 전략, 베드메이킹, 조식만들기 등 현장체험 실습 과정으로 진행될 예정이다. 교육은 7월 12일부터 23일까지 진행된다. 공유숙박운영자 직업체험 2기 신청은 오는 6월 30일까지이며, 공유숙박에 관심있고 수익활동을 하고 싶은 누구나 지원가능하다. 접수신청은 신분증 지참하여 센터 내방하거나 홈페이지에서 신청서를 다운로드 하여 이메일(pm102385@naver.com)로 발송하면 된다. 공유숙박에 관심이 있거나 더 자세한 사항은 해운대여성인력개발센터 051-702-9199로 문의하면 된다. #해운대여성인력개발센터 #공유숙박 #공유숙박운영자 #에어비앤비 #직업탐색 #직업체험 #베드메이킹 #조식만들기 #현장체험 #씨앗동아리
[옛배움책에서 캐낸 토박이말]끼니 버릇 나쁜
[옛배움책에서 캐낸 토박이말]끼니 버릇 나쁜 오늘은 4285해(1952년) 펴낸 ‘과학공부 5-2’의 53쪽부터 54쪽에서 캐낸 토박이말을 보여드립니다. [우리한글박물관 김상석 관장 도움/토박이말바라기 이창수] 53쪽 첫째 줄에 52쪽부터 이어져서 ‘여러 가지로 섞어서 먹도록 하자,’가 나옵니다. 이 말은 요즘에는 ‘골고루’라는 말을 많이 쓰다 보니까 쓰는 사람이 없지만 얼마든지 쓸 수 있는 말이라고 생각합니다. 그리고 ‘혼식(混食)’이라고 쓰지 않은 것이 더 반갑고 좋았습니다. 둘째 줄에 ‘하루 세 끼’와 ‘끼니마다’라는 말이 나옵니다. 요즘도 ‘1일 1식’, ‘1일 2식’, ‘1일 3식’과 같은 말을 쓰는 사람들이 있는데 ‘하루 한 끼’, ‘하루 두 끼’, ‘하루 세 끼’라고 하면 참 쉽고 좋을 것입니다. 그리고 ‘매 끼니마다’라는 말을 쓰는 사람도 있던데 ‘매(每)’에 ‘마다’의 뜻이 있기 때문에 뜻이 겹치는 말이니까 안 쓰는 게 좋겠습니다. 넷째 줄부터 다섯째 줄에 걸쳐서 ‘영양소를 얻을 수 있도록 차려 보아라.’가 나옵니다. 이 말도 요즘에 쓰는 말로 바꾸면 ‘영양소를 섭취할 수 있도록 차려 보아라.’가 될 것입니다. 이것을 보면 우리가 ‘섭취하다’를 쓰지 않고 ‘얻다’로 갈음해 쓸 수 있음을 잘 알 수 있습니다. 여섯째 줄부터 여덟째 줄에 걸쳐서 나온 “건강을 지니려면 우리는 어떠한 버릇을 붙여야 하는가?”는 ‘건강’을 빼면 모두 토박이말로 되어 있어 좋았습니다. 그런데 열셋째 줄과 열넷째 줄에 “몸을 튼튼히 하기에 좋은 여러 가지 버릇을 이야기해 보아라.”는 토박이말이 아닌 말이 하나도 없어 더 좋았습니다. 이것을 보고 위의 월을 “몸을 튼튼히 하려면 우리는 어떠한 버릇을 붙여야 하는가?”로 바꿨으면 더 좋았지 싶었습니다. 또 ‘습관’이 아닌 ‘버릇’이라는 토박이말과 열째 줄에 ‘잘 씹어 먹고 몸에 알맞은’이라는 말도 쉬운 말이라서 반가웠습니다. 열여섯째 줄에 있는 ‘나쁜 박떼리아’에서 ‘박떼리아’를 요즘에는 ‘박테리아’라고 한다는 것과 요즘 많이 쓰는 ‘유해(有害)’도 ‘나쁜’으로 갈음해 써도 된다는 것을 잘 알 수 있었습니다. 54쪽 첫째 줄부터 둘째 줄까지 ‘때로는 돌림병에 걸리는 수도 있다.’가 나오는데 ‘전염병’이 아닌 ‘돌림병’이라는 말이 반가웠지만 ‘돌림앓이’라고 했으면 더 좋았을 것 같다는 생각도 들었습니다. 셋째 줄에 있는 ‘사람 몸에 박떼리아가 들어가서’에서 ‘들어가서’도 ‘침입하여’가 아니라서 좋았습니다. 다섯째 줄부터 일곱째 줄에 걸쳐 있는 “박떼리아는 공기 속, 흙 속, 물 속, 사람의 몸이나 똥 속, 들 없는 곳이 거의 없다.”는 월도 ‘박떼리아’와 ‘공기’ 말고는 모두 토박이말로 되어 있으며 ‘흙’, ‘물’, ‘몸’, ‘똥’과 함께 '등'을 뜻하는 ‘들’이 나와서 더 좋았습니다. 아홉째 줄부터 열째 줄에 걸쳐 나오는 ‘여러분 집에서는 음식물이 상하지 않도록 하는 데에’에서 ‘않도록 하는 데에’는 요즘 많이 쓰는 ‘않도록 하기 위해’를 갈음해 쓸 수 있는 말임을 알 수 있었습니다. 이처럼 한자말이나 다른 나라말을 토박이말로 바꿀 수 있는 것이 있다는 것을 아는 것도 좋지만 말을 풀어서 다르게 쓸 수 있다는 것을 알게 해 주는 것도 옛날 배움책이 우리에게 주는 손씻이(선물)가 아닐까 하는 생각도 듭니다. 4354해 온여름달 열닷새 두날(2021년 6월 15일) 바람 바람 #우리한글박물관 #김상석 #토박이말바라기 #이창수 #토박이말 #살리기 #쉬운배움책 #교과서 #터박이말 #참우리말 #숫우리말 #순우리말 #고유어 *이 글은 경남일보에도 보냈습니다.