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1. Numbers and Sizes You Can't Believe When it opened for public fishing, 85% of anglers at El Salto caught their biggest fish ever. Double digits aren't uncommon, and you'll be grinning ear to ear with your big catch. The average catches range from 30 to 80 per day, so you won't be regretting the trip for one second. 2. Unbelievable Topwater Blowouts This lake is full of big fish, and big fish make big splashes. Imagine crocodiles snapping at your topwater lures, because that's how big of a hit you'll be getting. 3. A Truly Great Learning Experience El Salto may be a great lake, but its a great lake full of cover. While you make get caught up at first, you'll be on a fast learning curve to learn how to fish around such heavy cover. And, because the fish are so active, you can try out all kinds of lures and presentations: jigs, crankbaits, plastics, and more. Any bass lure you've wanted to try somewhere, here's the place! Even beginning anglers are able to find a lot of success at El Salto. 4. Beautiful, Dramatic Nature The backdrop of El Salto is full of beautiful mountain ranges. Rising early to fish won't be a problem at all, especially with such sights to look forward to. There's no docks, houses, barking dogs, nothing: just great, lake silence. You'll hear nothing but the fishing, and that's the way I like it. 5. Excellent Guides in a Safe Location Many people (especially those that haven't traveled far) worry about the safety of Mexico--especially because we often hear stories of the danger. With guides that pick you up from the airport and bring you to Angler's Inn, you dont' have to worry about that. Additionally, there are great guides who take you out to the best spots on water, and help you get your gear there as well. They'll help you tie knots that can handle the big ones, and even help you untangle your cheap lures without feeling inconvenienced at all. Fishing on lake El Salto is literally a dream. I haven't even been to El Salto myself, but after reading so many blog posts, and so many reviews, I cannot wait to go. I may have to save up penny by penny, but it's a trip I can't miss.
@mcgraffy @happyrock if we dream enough we might get there
I think I'll stay here haha but it seems like it might be a nice resort vacation if you need one
If I can ever get the money together I'll surely head down to El salto....not sure if that'll ever happen though. let's keep dreaming ha @dougjohnson