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In Surrey, B.C. a cyclist was shot while competing in an overnight race. Craig Premack, 51, was riding in a 600km, two-day cycling event. Premack was riding when a bullet entered his right forearm, just below the elbow. He knew he must stop the bleeding, seeing that he was about 20 minutes from cyclists in front of him and behind him. “After the longest 20 minutes of my life I could see the lights of what could only be my cycling friends. They were quick to react, with one of them riding back to Spences Bridge to summon help," said Premack. Police are now investigating the crime. Apparently the vehicle carrying the shooter was a dark-colored pickup truck. Other cyclists reported that a dark-colored pickup truck had harassed them earlier in the day. Premack is now recovering. The bullet shattered part of his bone and the recovery process will not be quick, he will be out of work for several months.
Holy crap, I'm glad this guy is alright and I hope they find those guys.
It's very hard to hear about these acts of violence on bikers, but we are so exposed and not highly respected by the general public. Sorry to hear that this happened, and sorry that I am not surprised! Glad he was smart enough to survive!
@TeamWaffles @Nisfit I was shocked reading the title, I've never heard of something like this
Whoa, glad he survived it and I hope he has a quick recovery :)