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Not all lures are as good as the claim to be. In fact, they usually aren't. Stick to proven lures and avoid these lures for better fishing: 1) Heddon Hi-Tail This "topwater" lure looks a whole lot like a whale, and freshwater fish don't eat whale. If you really love the shape or action, you'll have far better luck with a Jitterbug Lure. ( 2) Helicopter Lure This infomercial special was touted as “too good to be true,” and it was. They work great if you just attached a jighead with a live mudminnow on each one of the blades. In other words, don't bother. 3) CW Crab This bait looks like it could catch any fish in the ocean that would eat crabs, but then it wiggles. Crabs generally don’t wiggle. Enough said.
@fallingwater id be lying if I said I ever figured it out
@dougjohnson every wife or mom or brother who knows nothing about fishing as gift for their angling friend
who the world ever bought the helicopter lure....
Are there actually people who used the helicopter lure?! How do you even use that? @mcgraffy