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Jon Snow destroys Israeli Spokesman Mark Regev
While I had previously been sat quite firmly on the fence, I find myself continually leaning towards supporting the Palestinians in the Gaza strip. How Israel can continue to act in this way is impossible to understand.
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Maybe you can understand if you think of the faith that most Israelis fear we will have if we act less aggressively
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@orenshani7 I think both sides are at fault. Hamas are using the Palestinian people as a human shield but equally, Israeli forces are acknowledging this and still continuing their offensive. The biggest problem is that, trapped inside the Gaza Strip, civilians who are trying to avoid the fighting have nowhere to go. I think what is needed most is greater efforts on both sides, particularly from Egypt and the US, to make more progress on the peace process.
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Jon Snow is definitely one of the few journalists that could get away with such hard-line journalism. It's encouraging to see someone willing to ask the difficult questions!
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