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JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language used for websites, server-side network programming, game development, desktop apps, and mobile apps. It is a client-side language, meaning that it cannot access server resources such as databases. JavaScript is completely different from Java, a popular programming language. ** What can you do with JavaScript? ** - Make responsive HTML webpages - Detect visitor's browsers - Create cookies (so you can personalize user experience) - Validate web forms - Change HTML elements, attributes, and styles - and more... ** Some examples of JavaScript ** - A sign-up form checking if your desired username is available - A search bar giving you suggestions as you type (e.g. auto-complete) - A drop down menu - A pop up alerting you for trying to sign in with an incorrect password ** Get started with JavaScript ** Looking into learning some JavaScript? I recommend CodeAcademy :) Start now at Sources: - - -