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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It's basically what it sounds like, optimizing your website so that it can appear in a higher ranking in a search engine. These search engines include Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. When clients hire a web designer, they want their website to look good and have a high ranking in Google. "How do I get my website as the first result in Google?" is one of the most common questions they ask. So how do you do this? In reality, you can't forcefully put your website as the first result in a Google search. You can, however, optimize your website to your best ability so that it may have a higher rank in a search engine. It's more complicated than it sounds, but it is not impossible. Here are some steps you can take, according to Google themselves: - create unique, accurate page titles and use <title> tags - accurately describe a page's content - use the 'description' meta tag - improve the structure of your URLS to improve crawling results - use words in URLS - use simple directory structure - make website easy to navigate - prepare a sitemap for users and a sitemap for search engines - have a useful 404 page - create compelling and interesting content - and more... Find more tips and instructions in the Google SEO handbook linked below Sources: - -