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Barry Cordero is a US Navy Veteran and current President of SHPE (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers.) In high school, Cordero did not perform well so his counselor discouraged him from pursuing college. Despite this obstacle, he decided to apply to the University of Illinois and the Navy and was accepted to both. He ended up going to the Navy, but continued his dream to go to college afterwards. Cordero recieved his degree in Bioengineering from the University of California, San Diego. He now works as an engineer at Medtronic Inc. He became involved with SHPE in college and is now the President of the organization. SHPE helps Hispanic students pursue their goals of becoming a STEM professional by helping run workshops, programs, and conferences. This guy's story is so amazing! He is inspiring other Latino/a students to pursue engineering by sharing his knowledge, time, and story. This story shows that even kids who did not perform well in high school can be successful. :) There is a video in the attached article.
I find it so sad that counselors discourage students who aren't doing well in school from applying to college: why should that matter? Shouldn't college be another opportunity for a fresh start on their education? I love that he didn't listen, and is now encouraging other students to do the same!
I think people also need to consider not just the problem of discouraging kids, but the problem of not encouraging them enough!! My counselors were constantly on me about how I was going to get into a great 4-year college and do awesome things, CONSTANTLY, so I believed them!! Telling kids they can do anything is so important!!