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Fairytale Forest is a fifteen-acre section of The Efteling, a theme park in The Netherlands, and it looks amazing! I love bookish places, and I love theme parks so this place looks amazing! Tickets range from €32 to €62 per person per day. Efteling also has multiple options for overnight accommodations, perfect for out-of-town visitors. Check out the 1 hr video on the last slide for a more indepth look!!!
While it does indeed look tempting, €32-62 priced tickets are rather dear! What exactly does the park have that makes a day ticket cost that much? There don't really seem to be rides or anything...Don't get me wrong, it definitely looks fascinating - I'm just looking for some justification for the price?
There's a cute fairy tale park in Sacramento CA but it's got nothing on this place!
@mystory12 To be honest, I don't think there is! Ha! It looks really cool, but I've definitely seen cooler for around the same price. I think it's part of a larger theme park, so maybe that has something to offer?
@LibraryLady it has definitely reached a crazy level!! Still I'd be happy with a small one near me
@nokcha So much better looking but I somehow think Harry Potter World is still more cohesive-more believable? @nisfit I would love to have somewhere like this nearby. If anything, I can just take some walks in the woods but can't get anything like this outside of my imagination!
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