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The final scene of episode 8 of Fated to Love You appears to be the turning point for the snail couple, embracing who they have become to each other, and next episode, their initially loveless marriage is transformed into a meaningful and authentically blissful one. They will be the picture perfect honeymooners, with happy wife Kim Mi Young also acting as mom to her husband, washing his hair and cleaning his nose. Of course, Gun receives his wife’s doting with delight. I’m enjoying these pics with caution though since you know we’re in for some nasty angst! Please don’t!!!
this did not appear in epi 8!!!
im àlsò beginning to lové thiß sèries
I knew I'd seen something like this somewhere before - I watched the Taiwanese drama that this is based on back in 2008 and really loved it! Maybe I'll have to try watching this one too?!
awwww so cute! I am cautiously anticipating what i to come of this couple...