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SM's new girl group Red Velvet is set to make their debut soon, but it looks like they ran into some trouble with the name of their group. An indie band of the same name already existed and they had released a single back in 2013. The plead for help because the debut of SM's girl group would hinder and bury their future activities and promotions. Representatives of SM Entertainment then met with a member of the band and they both agreed on a settlement. SM's girl group will continue to use the name Red Velvet. However, it's unclear if the indie band will change their name or not. Some netizens have voiced that the band did not copyright their name in the first place, so SM has every right to use the name as well. What do you think? Who has the right to use the name Red Velvet in this situation?
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SM just did this earlier this year with MR.MR!