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An nice article from MarketingLand about the importance of sequencing ads on Facebook. Here's a few points that I pulled from the article: "A new study shows that a sequential story-telling social media ad campaign can outperform a typical campaign in which each ad is designed to generate an immediate conversion. The study found that showing a sequence of ads to an audience of targeted prospects increased view-throughs by 87 percent and email subscriptions by 56 percent. When consumers saw the entire ad sequence, an advertiser’s ability to lead a consumer down the brand funnel to convert was significantly stronger. - The audience was randomly divided into three groups: a control, which saw no ads from Refinery29, a sequenced for CTA group and a sustained CTA group. - Refinery29 designed three ads for the sequenced for CTA group with the first ad designed for a top of funnel brand introduction, the second for mid-funnel brand consideration that linked to a popular article and a third bottom of the funnel ad with a strong email sign-up call to action. - The second, mid-funnel ad was the strongest individual ad. While the first ad in the sequence of CTA group — the softest, top of funnel ad designed to introduce the brand — not surprisingly, converted weakest of all the ads."
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Story-telling is the secret!!!!!!