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Forget those "rewards" programs or "thank you points" you get at other banks; TD Bank has actually touched their customers in a human way with #TDThanksYou TD invited some of its most faithful customers to the branch to "test out" its new ATM. - The ATM gave people flowers. - Some got extra money. - Mike Jobin, a huge Blue Jays fan, got his own T shirt and cap, as well as a visit from Blue Jays player Jose Bautista, AND the opportunity to throw the first pitch at a Blue Jays game. - A mother got tickets to Trinidad to visit her daughter who has cancer and recently got an operation. Her card: “During this time we have come to know how giving, loving and supportive you are, especially to your daughter in Trinidad. She’s a lucky woman to be able to call you mum.” - Christine Todd, a young widow who had never been able to take her two young boys on a big vacation, got a fully-paid, all-access trip to Disneyland. She also got two $1,000 checks for her sons' education. She said: “That means a lot to me. I’ve worked hard and done everything I can to be a good mom but I could not have done this for them.”
This is awesome!!
This is amazing! It's great to see a service doing something extra--and sweet-- for its customers!