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소르베 [sorbet]
# pineapple boat with sorbet _the House That Lars Built # 프랑스 말로 셔벗을 의미하는 말이다. 이탈리아 말로 sorbetto라고 한다. Sorbet와 sherbet은 때로 우유의 첨가 여부에 따라 구분하는데 sorbet는우유를 넣지 않는 것으로 sherbet보다 부드럽다.
Yummy, but what do those symbols mean?
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That means..... Just explain about sorbet. hehe
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Ah, its a bit confusing for people who dont speak that language hmmmm
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@nisfit I'm sorry for that. I wrote in Korean. If you want I can translate Korean into English. sorbet is in French and we can say sorbetto. It is in Italian. sorbet is similar to sherbet. but sorbet has no milk. hehe. HTH
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