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Even if you've never cracked open anything by Tolkien, and you've somehow managed to avoid LOTR films (how?) you have got to appreciate this lodge found in Souther Chile. I love the description of this place, so I've included my favorite bits: "The man made mountain is covered in vegetation kept green by water cascading from the top. And because they know that I'm still 10 and my fairytale hotel wouldn't be complete without it, they put in a rope bridge. While hobbits were sadly not involved in the construction of this fantastical hotel, the design does have roots in local legend of a mountain waterfall that grants wishes. They say there are outdoor hot tubs scooped out of tree stumps, but sadly no photographic evidence could be found. I'll take their word for it, as this place has already earned a spot on my burgeoning bucket list."
this is the most magical hotel ever omg! @pixiedust have you seen this?!?!
Oh my goodness! This is amazing, so magical! Thank you for pointing this out @AgentCory!
what an unbelievable getaway that would be!
Aw man this is sick,cant wait for the next hobbit
@kristenadams save me a seat
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