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Falling Asleep on Strangers in New York City Subway
I can't tell you how many people have fallen asleep on me for real on the subway. They're lucky they didn't piss more people off.
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eh, not super funny
3 years ago·Reply
i would not have been pleased with this if it happened to me haha
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I think everyone has been through this on public transportation but rarely does it make me laugh when its actually going on
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after their intro about wanting to find out whether New Yorkers were nice or not I was totally expecting a video that showed people being nice or something...I've had quite a few people fall asleep on me. Either I ask them to get off or if their students, I generally just take pity on them and let them sleep. Here in Korea the kids are forced to go to cram schools until 11pm or later so they're always exhausted
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