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hi everyoneee... did you guys see the last episode OMO it was FANTABULOUSSSS. Ep 18 recaps here if you need ( Don't forget to follow me if you want the latest greatest of kdrama stuff! ( =================================== Bridal Mask Ep 19 Eng Translation Shunji : so it was you? PPL : ITS GAKSITAL!!~~ its gaksital!~ Shunji : GAKSITAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL~ Kangto : I am so sorry,did you get hurt bad? Shunji : Are you joking?do you think i am that easy?this situation is laughable??? Dunno who but man outside the door : Bombing,biting their tounge,they are all crazy Kimura Taro : Kimura Shunji got arrested! Head Kishokai : Enkei, you have to go out and do it. Konno : SATO HIROSHI!~ Shunji : What are you going to do? your line just dropped.(referring to his backing,like life line given by konno) Kangto : Its definitely a murder and it have relation to Lala.I’ll catch the criminal myself.I’ll definitely catch him. Source: ================================= Text preview with translation 각시탈의 자폭으로 아수라장이 되어버린 공개처형장! 가까스로 정신을 차린 슌지의 눈앞에 새로운 각시탈이 등장하고, 각시탈이 제국경찰들을 제압하며 담사리를 성공적으로 구출해 달아나자 슌지는 돌아버릴 지경인데…… 공개처형의 실패로 파면의 위기에 놓인 슌지 앞에 사흘 만에 강토가 나타나자 슌지는 분노의 주먹을 날려버리고…… 한편, 종로서로 복귀한 강토는 키쇼카이의 정체를 알아내기 위해 라라를 찾아가 자신을 조직원으로 받아달라고 말하는데…. Translation: At the public execution, Gaksital self destructs. Shunji becomes conscious again only to find a new Gaksital along with a Comrade, overpowers the Japanese Empire’s Police and manages to rescue Damsari and run away. Shunji is about to go crazy… Shunji is dismissed due to the failure of the public execution and placed in custody. Appearing after three days, Kang To is hit by Shunji… Meanwhile, the returning Kang To seeks out Lala to discover the true face of Kishokai and nominates himself as a member… source:
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i just saw recaps here guys
Will there any recap tonight?
thanks you do such a good job of keeping us current.
thanks for this vid...^^
thanks Luka! @lovestar are you going to watch Bridal Mask tonight?
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