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This is based on the review from I have, however, presented the important information of each reel, and added videos that showcase each reel! Let me know what you guys think of this list! 1. Mitchell 300 Pro The redesigned Mitchell 300 Pro is constructed of a polymeric material with a pleasant, satiny finish. It has huge line-capacity ratings (180 yards of 12-pound-test, 210 yards of 14-pound-test), and turns on 10 ball bearings. The 5.8:1 gear ratio uses up line at 33 inches per turn, perfect for working deep-water targets with drop-shot or shaky-head rigs. At 9.9 ounces, the 300 Pro is a bit big, but the rugged design will withstand punishment. The drag adjusts via an easily accessible, oversize top knob. Check out the 1st video to see it in action! MSRP: $70; 2. Abu Garcia Revo Rocket With a retrieve ratio of 9.0:1, this cranker is beyond fast, inhaling 37 inches of line per crank. It has a huge amount of standard features, among them all-aluminum construction and several carbon-fiber components. A C6 carbon-fiber palm plate and handle help reduce weight. The handle turns on 11 ball bearings. Its lighting-fast retrieve speed gives an angler the ability to reel in bait quickly after fishing the strike zone, minimizing the downtime spent winching a lure through dead water. Banking several seconds on each cast can translate into minutes or hours saved over the course of a day’s fishing. More casts means more catches. A more expensive reel, check out the 2nd video to see it in action! MSRP: $300; 3. Daiwa Tatula 100H This baitcaster has dual casting controls for infinite adjustment across a variety of wind conditions, rod actions, and bait weights. It also sports a solid aluminum frame and side palming plate. The 7.9-ounce reel turns on eight bearings, with a skeletonized handle and large paddles handling cranking chores. At 6.3:1, the mid-range retrieve speed is perfect for any number of applications. The T-Wing levelwind system promotes smooth casting and even spooling, especially with superlines. The drag (13.2 pounds max) whips fish in no time, and it sports an extra-large star knob. Lastly, the Tatula 100H is built to withstand abuse. MSRP: $150;
@yakwithalan #3 is really smooth and durable!
@happyrock @dougjohnson @yakwithalan I like some other reels as well but these three are very popular
#3 for me ha. Ive heard its just more smooth than the others
I dont think I'd need anything like #1 unless I'm hitting the deep seas
Abu Garcia's will always be my favorite; I'm voting for number 2! you can't beat that speed, or the sturdiness