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"Can I borrow your bucket?" A video that reminds us that the homeless are people, too.

These three young German students do a simple act of kindness to remind us to look at the people who sit on the sides of the streets or in the subway stations.
This made me tear up, in a totally happy way. His expression when he took the hat made me realize that there are few people who would stop to make his day like this. Impressive.
right on! I hope he keeps smiling, and people keep giving
I hope that they do this for many many more people
Truly a beautiful gesture.
I love seeing people do things for others - reminds you that amidst all the bad things that happen, kindness does exist
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Hello there!!
I have walked through my mind, seeking answers to issues related to the manner in which we create our reality on the basis of feelings and thoughts, trying to draw a map for those who venture in the search for a truth in themselves... But after so much searching, digging into my thoughts, has come to the conclusion that it is sometimes necessary to be lost to find ourselves... I know, because after so much searching, digging into my memories, seeking simple answers, I could see that the simplicity as such does not exist... It is for this reason that I have returned, with the discovery that many times, without realizing it, we are increasingly away from ourselves, so it is necessary to realize the importance of our existence in our decisions... With that conclusion, I invite you to think about that point of your existence you are here now, and the extent to which you intend to arrive in the future, because many times we forget to ask these questions and, therefore, we forget the sense that lead our actions... Just remember that the farther apparent be yourself, it is the closer you are to the answer. You must remember that the ego has double-edged sword, and therefore can be used as a cure for uncertainty, or as a weapon to finish with the oneness... Well, an apology for disappear suddenly, some even came to ask me if I was good or if something was wrong. I thank those who have provided me with a place in his thoughts as to do such a thing, and I hope we can continue to share moments, thoughts, pieces of existence...until the universe decides to give us another utility... C ya soon then, and have a beautiful day...