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Which country pays the most for an Olympic gold medal?
I just read this article and thought it was super interesting... the countries that pay the most for a gold medal suprisingly mostly come from Asia! Also, looks like money doesnt solve anything. Here's the list of Top 10 countries that pay the most for an Olympic gold medal Top 10 countries with highest payouts for an Olympic gold medal 1. Singapore — S$1,000,000 2. Malaysia — S$400,000 3. Philippines - S$423,300 (according to 2008 figures) 4. Thailand - S$372,600 (according to 2008 figures) 5. United Arab Emirates - S$337,800 6 Italy - S$226,500 7 Russia - S$167,650 8 Japan - S$124,200 9 Bulgaria - S$95,100 (according to 2008 figures) 10 France - S$81,000 full article here:
WOW. that's unreal... singapore seems really rich!
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Aiya,Singaporeans very kiasu...
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kekekeke sarah you are SOOOOOOOO right hahaha
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