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Though some people choose to take time off from work during cancer treatment, others choose to continue working. Let your doctor know if you are choosing to continue working so that he or she can schedule treatment around your work schedule. Note: Some side effects of treatment include nausea, fatigue, thinking, and memory effects. Here are some tips to keep yourself on track with work despite thinking or memory problems: 1. Record meetings and appointments on paper with time and date, who the appointment was with, and what was discussed. You can keep track of work meetings and doctor’s appointments. 2. Jot down important conversations. Make notes that include ideas you want to remember and decisions made during the conversation. If you have regular meetings at work, bring your journal for note-taking. 3. Track deadlines. List when things are due, and keep a timeline of goals met along the way. 4. Make a to-do list and add to it each time you think of something new. Check off items as you accomplish them. 5. Set realistic goals for tasks to be completed. Try to stick to your goals if you can, but don’t push yourself too hard. 6. Keep a written schedule to help you remember your work days and days off.