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Sunset Hills Mayor Mark Furrer is being investigated after he was involved in an accident with a cyclist, Randy Murdick. The mayor and the cyclist gave very different accounts of the incident, however, their were two witnesses to the incident. Murdick, the cyclist, was traveling down Old Gravois Road near Kennerly Road in Sunset Hills when a red Mercedes convertible pulled next to his bike. There was an exchange of words and when the car drove off Murdick crashed. One witness was behind both Murdick and Furrer, this witness stopped to see if the Murdick was okay. Another witness saw the red Mercedes leaving the scene and follow the car. Murdick's account is as follows. "The man yelled for Murdick, 47, to “get off my .... roads,” including an expletive, Murdick said. After the man yelled the same thing multiple times, Murdick said he lost patience and yelled back at the driver, using an expletive himself. The man then swerved into his bike, Murdick said, sending him tumbling to the pavement." Furrer denies this, and has his own account. "He said he was driving his red 1991 Mercedes 300SL convertible with the top down when the cyclist ran a stop sign and whipped around a corner. He said he yelled at the cyclist that he needed to stop at the sign, and the cyclist started shouting at him, using profanities. “He caught me off guard, frankly,” Furrer said. “Because I would have expected him to stop. He came around the corner at a pretty good clip on some fancy bike. Frankly, it’s my mistake, I shouldn’t have engaged him and I tell everybody I know, never engage them.” Furrer said Murdick grabbed onto his car during the incident, which Murdick denies. Furrer said he didn’t accelerate or swerve, but saw Murdick tumble from his bike. Furrer said he kept going, but turned around at the first opportunity to go back to check on him." Murdick did not learn the driver's identity until he showed up at the police station with his attorney to demand that the driver be investigated for felony assault.
"I shouldn't have engaged him and I tell everybody I know, never engage them.” Ooh not "them".He talks like cyclists are some sort of subhuman lifeforms.
@gummo What? lol
How did he think this was okay?
Not okay, very not okay.
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