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"Faith" is about to take over with its unique characters. SBS drama "Faith" released a preview prior to the actual broadcast on the 13th of August. Yoo Oh-seong, Sin Eun-jeong, Seong Hoon and other characters could be seen briefly but they all left strong impressions. Ki-cheol (Yoo Oh-seong) stands against Choi Yeong (Lee Min-ho) with Hwa Soo-in (Sin Eun-jeong) and Cheon Eum-ja (Seong Hoon) to take control of the Koryeo modification. He acts out a cold-blooded politician full of greed for power and desire. Although he has a fancy appearance, he is very cruel and fearful. His skill is to freeze anyone he touches. Yoo Oh-seong said, "This is the first time I am doing action like this with special powers and I am curious about how it will turn out. I hope you enjoy watching it". Sin Eun-jeong is about to appear sexy as Hwa Soo-in. She is a the Koryeo's femme fatale with her seductive looks but she has the viciousness of killing people without caring. She is a fire holder who can concentrate fire on her right hand. Seong Hoon takes on the role of Cheon Eum-ja, an indifferent poker face who always carries around an instrument he uses to attack people with. "Faith" contains the genre of a historical with fantasy elements and presents something that has never been seen before. Directed by Kim Jong-hak who also did "The Legend", "Faith" is one drama this year everyone is looking forward to. Source: Hancinema
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hate those two: pledged sister & brother