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Cycling and Drugs - A Chronic Addiction
Professional cycling is a sport now associated with drug use and steroids. Journalist and news outlets now long for the next rumor that a cyclist is "doping." Here is an article that talks about a different form of chemical use that nobody is talking about. A chemical that seems to be overlooked, a chemical that is the foundation of cycling and it just happens to be addictive. "Every cyclist experiences the effects of chemicals. Those chemicals are endorphins, natural pain killers that are produced by the body to numb pain and create a feeling of exhilaration. Pushing yourself to your limits on a bicycle gives a natural high far superior to any tablet that may be found in a back alley or corner of a night club." These endorphins get you to sprint at the end of your ride, to push yourself on that climb, and to feel a sense of overwhelming happiness. So get out there and get those endorphins pumping, you addicts!
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