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These cyclists fearlessly recovered two bicycles which were stolen during the Riverwest24 race. The video shows the cyclist's POV as she heads down a path. At the end of the path she takes a left then a right. As she turns right she is almost hit by bicycle thief 1. Bicycle thief 2 is right behind him. Then 3 green-shirted volunteers yell that people are stealing bikes and a few cyclist go after them. She turns around to follow as well. The first two cyclists chase and catch bicycle thief 2. This woman bravely follows bicycle thief 1. She catches up to him and he gives up the bike. At that moment another cyclist comes to help her retrieve the bike. Awesome!
Although it's a small victory, it's a victory! Justice!!
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they were like.... jk here the bikes back just warming ya guy up
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spot on..
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nothing better then a nice heaping dose of ........JUSTICE
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