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"Here’s the thing – some of these things are sad, inexplicably sad, but they’re memories I can hold in my hands – the last tangible items I have from lives I no longer live, from people I once knew and loved who have now become nothing more than ghosts I revisit from time to time." This piece by Koty Neelis is sad, and beautiful. It reminds us that even through painful memories, and the knowledge that we have lost someone we love, we should still cherish and live with those ghosts. Even if we think we've "forgotten," we can't: these ghosts live with us and help us become everything we can be, and everything we didn't mean to be. Just wanted to say thanks to @greggr for helping me discover Thought Catalog: there are so many beautiful things to read there!
@moya23 a little reminder is all we need, really, to keep the real memory alive
@timeturnerjones: This is beautiful. I have always kept things with me, even a little piece of paper which color has faded, but if it has story behind I'll keep it with me forever. It's just a sentimental thing.
@timeturnerjones Glad you've been enjoying it! The posts there are sometimes awful, sometimes wonderful! You just have to know how to pick and choose.