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LIVE RECAP STARTS AT 10PM KST! Please keep refreshing this card for live updates. -- WHEE KISSES!!! We pick up right where we left off yesterday, thankfully, with Gun embracing Miyoung in a kiss. Later they sit at the steps and Gun asks for Miyoung to compliment him, since he saved Kaeddong. She gives him a thumbs up, "Gun is the best." Cute! He takes her hand and they leave the auction. That night, Gun crawls into bed with Miyoung again. His battle whether to hold her starts up again but luckily for him, she just goes straight into his arms in her sleep. It also makes it harder for him to hold himself back, so he goes to take a cold shower. "I HAVE TO HOLD MYSELF BACK!!!" he screams LOLLL. -- He goes to his doctor, complaining there's someone else inside of him. "Snail is sexy, Snail is sweet. I kissed Snail," and laughs maniacally. He asks the doctor if there's a way to suppress his desires, but the doctor just looks at him wide-eyed. At his office, Gun starts to hallucinate that there's a snail on his shoulder. Secretary Tak and Yong come into the room, reporting that Gun and Miyoung's love story was written in the newspapers. Stepmom comes into Gun and Miyoung's room to snoop again, but suddenly Miyoung also enters the room, forcing Stepmom to hide behind a door. But Stepmom ends up in Gun's secret room and guess what she sees? The divorce contract. -- Gun accompanies Miyoung for a doctor appointment. It's so sweet how he gets so excited to hear Kaeddong's heartbeat. The doctor remarks that Kaeddong's head is a little bigger than average, but both parents deny that it's similar to them LOL. Later, they go shopping for baby necessities. Miyoung spots matching shirts for all three of them. She's careful about saying she wants them, but Gun buys them all, including two teddy bears. When they get home, they set up a crib and everything. They have a conversation and realize that their birthdays are on the same day, the day after tomorrow! In bed, he asks Miyoung what she wants to do for her birthday. She doesn't have anything particular, since she never really celebrated when she was younger. -- Sera is distracted at practice, to the point she doesn't even hear the director shouting her name. When she's alone, she sobs, "I thought it would get better with time." Miyoung visits Daniel at the cafe the next day. He's excited to see her, but his face falls when she says she wants to give Gun a gift for his birthday tomorrow. She decorates another cup with a drawing of Gun on it. Daniel is surprised to find out that Miyoung and Gun have the same birthday. "Well, it's not like nobody else has the same birthday." Secretary Tak reviews the schedule Gun prepared for tomorrow. He thinks it's for Gun's own birthday, but is surprised to find it's for Miyoung's birthday and that it's the same as Gun's. Gun laughs, "Well, it's not like nobody else has the same birthday." Same response, different feel lol. -- Stepmom meets with the clan leader with the contract. She asks them to knock Gun out in one hit. Uh-oh. Miyoung fixes Yong a late night snack that night. She tells him that she'll do it often for him now, since they're family. Yong said he was always happy about having an older brother, although Gun doesn't feel the same way about him. Miyoung explains that Gun is also a lonely person, one day he'll open his heart to Yong. The next morning, Gun reminds Miyoung to meet him at the department store to celebrate their birthday later. The news about Gun and Miyoung's divorce contract hits the newspapers, and it calls for an emergency meeting. Gun takes Miyoung's hand to try to reassure her. Grandma asks Miyoung if it's true, and all Miyoung can do is apologize. Gun tries to shield Miyoung from everything, but Stepmom pushes on. "How can this have nothing to do with her?" Miyoung's mom barges into the meeting and drags out Miyoung. -- Outside Miyoung tries to tell her mom that it's not all Gun's fault, it was her mistake too. Miyoung's mom starts to hit her, and Gun rushes out. He tells her it was all his fault, and not to blame Miyoung. Her mom just looks at him and says she's disappointed in him. This makes him quiet, and he lets them leave. When they get out of the front door, reporters crowd around them. Sera also gets wind of the fake marriage. Miyoung apologizes to her mom for being her daughter. She promises to not make her mom cry anymore, to be a good daughter. At Gun's home, grandma is treated with IV, it looks like the news of the fake marriage gave her too big of a shock. Gun explains to her while she's asleep, "I'm really sorry. At first it was really hard for me. I thought as long as I could keep it up until then, I would be okay. I promise I won't make you cry anymore, so you can't fall sick. If you leave, I'll be totally alone. Okay?" Gun gets up to leave, and we see that Grandma was only pretending to sleep. -- Gun stares blankly into space, while Secretary Tak tells him the company is in chaos because of the news. But all Gun is worried about is that today is Snail's birthday. Gun and Secretary Tak disguise themselves in high school uniforms as they run away from the reporters outside the home. Miyoung, Yong, and her friend do the same thing (Where did they get the uniforms?!) Yong thinks on his feet and pretends to confess to Miyoung, but her friend gets in the way. "You said you liked me you bastard!" And she kisses him...three times. LOL. Miyoung runs off pretending to cry because they "betrayed" her. Sera packs her belongings and says she's going back to Seoul. She needs to talk to Gun. In the car, Secretary Tak tells Gun that there's a meeting at the company. They're discussing whether to keep Gun in charge or not. Secretary Tak turns the car around to try to take him back to the company, but Gun demands him to pull over. He gets out to walk on his own to meet Miyoung. Secretary Tak pleads for him to wake up, but Gun says he just wants to wish Miyoung a happy birthday. As he turns around, he suddenly collapses on the street. Just then, Miyoung calls his cell phone, but he can't answer. She continues to wait (Daniel is watching her in his car nearby) . At the hospital, they're hooking up machines to Gun to check his vitals and they take off his wedding band. Miyoung keeps waiting, justifying that Gun must be busy. Daniel approaches Miyoung, handing her the cup. She asks if he came all the way just to give her the cup. But it's not. "How long are you going to hurt for? Ever since you've met that person, you've just been waiting for him. I can't watch anymore." Gun wakes up at the hospital, just as Sera rushes into the room.
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can't wait to watch episode 10 do you have a link wher i can watch it? can't wait to have it subbed
The whole agonizing 1 week wait begins again.
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