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By far one of the best graphic novel series ever! Kazu Kibuishi has created a remarkable world that readers don't want to leave. I'm thrilled that he was picked to design the new Harry Potter covers, because I've often described his books as Harry Potter for more visual readers. It's all here--a family seeks a new beginning after the death of the father. They move to a haunted house, battle evil creatures within it, find hidden powers--it just keeps getting better! Reminiscent of both Star Wars and Harry Potter, yet still original, the artwork is amazing. I can never have enough copies of this series to satisfy my graphic novel readers!
@nisfit, I love how many books are being turned into graphic novels. Some of my students just can't get through the Percy Jackson series, but now that there are graphic novel versions, they get to enjoy them, too. And Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book just came out in graphic novel format!
Graphic novels actually really got me into reading. I wasn't an avid reader until I discovered them in the beginning of high school.