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OK, I admit to playing with this for a long time before creating this card! My middle schoolers are mad for Minecraft, but sadly it's often blocked at many schools. Using the Google Build Academy, students can created sophisticated sculptures as they work through the different levels. While this isn't an incredible challenge for most middle schoolers, I have a friendship club in the library with students from special ed. It would be awesome to have a makerspace day with these students and their buddies, building together! Think about how your makerspace can serve your entire school population. We did a Google Presentation day last year with the friendship club, and it was a big hit with all the students. It gave them more of a chance to interact by creating together, as some of our students are nonverbal. Be sure you have makerspace activities that can be adapted so all students have a place at your messy makerspace table--or on your computers!
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Great idea! While it may not be much of a challenge to all students, when you allow something like this in a makerspace and in pairs or groups, it instantly becomes more fun, and they will create some interesting challenges for themselves, I think!