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T-ara's Jiyeon and her new cute photo
The photo above recently surfaced on an online community site with the title, ‘Jiyeon’s reflection in the mirror‘. It wasn’t Jiyeon’s shawl or her pigtails that had netizens flocking to the community board to see the photo, but rather the reflection of Jiyeon’s legs in the mirror behind her. Her sexy, shapely legs juxtaposed her adorable facial expression, earning Jiyeon the highest praises of adoration from her fans.
n'jane thanks na ka,, keep it up ok^^ i love all of your posts
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เฮ่ยยยยยยย จียอนนนน >_<
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จียอนน่ารักอ่าา ><
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wow, unnie you so cute, i love you
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