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Recently Sulli announced that she would be taking a hiatus from the entertainment industry due to stress from malicious comments. However, Choiza's cousin TopBob uploaded pictures of who netizens speculate to be Choiza and Sulli. Although they have since been deleted, netizens were able to catch them before they disappeared. The first picture TopBob uploaded was the backs of three people at the beach with the hashtag "kidnapping" and "Donghae" (a city). The second picture was two people holding hands in a car. Its caption was "While kidnapping to Donghae.. front seat loving.. #love #thirdwheel #whosehand" Netizens then went to work and discovered the interior of the car was one of a Discovery, the same kind of car that Choiza owns. They also managed match the mark on one of the hands in the picture to Choiza's hand. Do you think the people in the pictures are Choiza and Sulli?!
how netizens could even deduct all this is so beyond me
Something weird is going to come out of this soon. Netizens are nuts.