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Hyunsik of boy group BTOB wrote a song for Hyuna on her new mini album, "From Where and Until When". However, the lyrics were noticeably similar to lyrics from g.o.d's 2004 song, "The Reason Why Opposites Attract". Hyunsik later cleared up that it was a homage to g.o.d to celebrate their recent comeback. However, JYPE (who g.o.d was under in 2004) responded that they were thankful for the homage, but would like to have been informed beforehand. Kim Tae Woo also made a statement, saying that he was also thankful, but it is unfortunate that there was no permission given beforehand or even a consultation. He reiterated, "We hope there will be a prior consultation in the future." The president of CUBE Entertainment, who houses Hyuna and BTOB, also took to their official Twitter account and apologized for not being more careful on their end. Hyunsik also apologized on his Twitter account for not getting their permission beforehand. He also promised to become an artist and fan that they can be proud of. It looks like they'll be moving on from this without any legal actions. Do you think that's the right thing to do?
i feel like this could have been accidental plagiarism? like maybe he thought he wrote it, but he was just remembering it subconsciously...
Hmmm I hope it really was an homage and not hyunsik just ripping them off