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Man Gets Plastic Surgery to Look Like Kim Soo Hyun
I'm not sure if anybody has seen this yet, but the craze around the drama "My Love from the Star" continues! After watching the drama, a man from China underwent multiple surgeries in Korea so that he could resemble Do Min Joon, the male lead in "My Love from the Star", played by Kim Soo Hyun. This is too crazy!
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Wow, that's incredible how much plastic surgery can do... I guess he doesn't look exactly like Kim Soo Hyun but he does look good haha from what I can tell
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Uh, what
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chinese fans are super obsessed with this drama for some reason. I wonder how KSH feels. I would take it as a very creepy, yet flattered compliment. depending on whether KSH had surgery or not.
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He is cool !
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