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From left to right, quantum kinetic 20 spinning, quantum kinetic, shimano caenan, quantum code, quantum nitrous 30 spinning. they're paired with the following rods: field and stream inferno 6'6, quantum code 6'10, quantum escalade 7', berkley lightning rod shock 6'6, and lastly field and stream tec spec 6'10. I generally use the spinning for soft plastics and the baitcasters for topwaters and hardbaits. let's see every one else's!!!
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@fallingwater I really like the smoothness and profile of the quantum reels not to mention they look really dope. however, the shimano caenan is probably my favorite one. It casts farther than any other one, the breaking system is simple yet very effective leading to less birds nests than any other reel. The next one I get will definitely be a higher grade shimano. I do love all my reel though.
@fallingwarer and @Tbn1587 I have 2 Shimano bait caster's that I have never used. I have one on a rod and it does cast like a dream, but I have not taken it fishing yet. I just done some practice cast in the yard and it seems like a smooth reel. That makes me wanna start using it but I love my quantum reels they are bait caster's and they are awesome!!! If this rain in my part of the woods and lake would go away I'd be fishing now... It's been raining here in Lincolnton N.c for the last 5 days and it sucks!!!
michaelphillips sorry to hear that! maybe try your luck in the rain! but definitely try out those shimano reels. im sure you wont be disappointed. what kind are they?
Those reels are B 1000 reels I think I'm not home now to look at them but I think they will be some great ones I got them belive it or not at a yard sale for 5 bucks a piece.
@Tbn1587 @MichaelPhillips they sound really great I think I'll have to get one...I still have a really cheap beginning rod but wanna upgrade soon