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As the caravan slowly makes its way down the mountain slopes, she looks to see if she can spot Damascus at the horizon. Today before sunset, she will be home. "Home" is a rented room where she lives with her husband and their thirteen years old son, Luke. She couldn't stay in the Galilee after what happened. She had to go home. Her mind is filled with conflicting thoughts. In a way, this whole fiasco is her fault. She is the one who talked them into that crazy plan. She is the one who persuaded them that he doesn't have to die. And now he is gone, and gone with him are all their hopes for a better future. More and more people in Judea and in the Galilee, are talking about a violent revolt against the Romans. She thinks, as he did, that it will be a disaster. But she left. She cold not stay. She did not feel that she could help them anymore. Mary Magdalene begged her to stay, but she just couldn't. "This land, is indeed a land that eats its inhabitants", she said in anger. She was making false accusations. She knows that. "I am sorry, Martha, but I can't stand it anymore", her husband says as he neatly packs his bag. And so she is left alone with her thirteen years old son, Luke.
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As always, very enjoyable. I love the "She was making false accusations. She knows that." The emotion is so clear, yet obviously so conflicting for her to deal with.