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Because you may receive more than one round of chemotherapy, it's easiest if you keep a separate record for each round of chemo that includes: 1. name, address and phone number of institution where chemo was given 2. dates of chemo 3. medical record number 4. name and phone number of doctor who supervised your chemotherapy 5. nurse or nurse practitioner's name and phone number 6. type of central line, if applicable 7. name of treatment protocol or clinical trial 8. name of medication 9. dose received each session 10. number of doses 11. cumulative dose 12. how medicine was given (as a pill, IV through a peripheral vein, IV through a central line, lumbar injection, etc.) 13. anti-nausea medicines used 14. allergic reactions, if any 15. adverse reactions, if any 16. change in dose or medicine because of adverse reactions
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