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3 years ago, Daniel and Meriam met and married in Sudan but since he was a Christian and in the eyes of Sudanese law she was a Muslim, by marrying Daniel she had in fact committed a crime and in May this year, a court sentenced her to be hanged. Mrs Ibrahim's father is Muslim so according to Sudan's version of Islamic law she is also Muslim and cannot convert. She maintains she was never Muslim having been raised by her Christian mother. At the end of May, as she awaited her punishment, while in jail she gave birth to a baby girl. The case provoked an international outcry and resulted in Meriam's release on June 23rd. However, as she tried to leave the country on the 24th, she was arrested at the airport and detained once more. As her husband Daniel fought tirelessly on her behalf, assisted by Amnesty International and other aid and human rights groups, she was finally released and she left the country on July 23rd. She arrived in Italy on the 24th and after spending a week in Rome, Mrs Ibrahim flew from Rome to Philadelphia with her husband and two children, en route to Manchester, New Hampshire, where her husband has relatives and the family hope to settle.
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Makes me realise how lucky I was to be born in a part of the world which celebrates religious freedom and the freedom to love anyone you choose.
Ridiculous. Why can't people just celebrate love?
have mercy!