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As I watched the teaser for Ladies Code's comeback, this came up in the suggested videos at the side so I decided to have a look. I can't help but think <WHAT DID I JUST WATCH????> I'm not particularly conservative but watching that made me feel rather uncomfortable. I was interested by the comments left by many Youtube users: @skywindcover <As much as I support gender equality, this is just plain wrong. They are promoting their so-called 'MUSIC' by expressing themselves as a sexual object and tools. You can't expect a quality music when the artist is promoting it by pretending that they're having sex with the floor and the air> @YukiJames <"They look like such respectable women" Do any of the moves in the teaser scream that? people are going to call it like they see it. It's cheap. Why can't people just admit that.> @Willa Jones <This is such a laugh though. They're not doing a lesbian concept to bring attention to gay rights or anything good like that, they're doing it to garner attention which is disappointing. It means nothing to them, its just a concept. What would have been extremely brave and would have made me respect them was if they used the lesbian concept in order to shed light the subject in South Korean culture. But unfortunately not. > What do you guys think?
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@zhengshi something probably not worth watching!
what...wait, what did I just watch?!
I think it just looks tacky...can you them watching this back in 5 years time - how embarrassing would that be?!