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1. 愿意 yuaǹyì to be willing, be ready 他愿意尽力帮忙。He's willing to help in any way he can. 2. 良好 liánghǎo good, well 他想要为双方会谈创造良好的气氛。 He wants to create a favourable atmosphere for bilateral talks. 3.借口 jièkǒu to use as an excuse, pretext 他借口另有约会,提前走了。 He left early, on the pretext of having another appointment. 4. 复印 fùyìn to duplicate, photocopy 我得复印文件。 I have to photocopy some documents. 5. 倒霉 dǎoméi to have bad luck 真倒霉,赶到车站车刚开走。Such bad luck, just as I reached the station, the train left.
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these are really good - I love the example sentences!!!!