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Here is a list of some of the most useful apps for cyclists. This list goes beyond just the common GPS tracking apps. For example, camera phone heart rate monitors, emergency contact list for paramedics, calorie counter for bicycling, and even an offline bike repair tip app. Check out these top apps. If you didn't see yours in the video, then let me know what you use in the comments!
I'm a big fan of Endomindo tracking app.
I use Strava and What to Wear Cycling. Both are great, and I use them every single time I ride. What to Wear Cycling grabs the weather and tells you what to wear. Love it!
I had previously used MapMyRide. I have been using CycleMeter for two years now. I use it with my Polar Chest Strap for heart rate and like the ease of swiping between maps and multiple data streams. The sync with my music is flawless. I have modified a set of earpods to allow access all functions of my iPhone while keeping one ear unexposed for safe riding. Highly recommend CycleMeter.
I like being able to plan your own custom route and color code different areas of your route on the ride. Such as uphill downhill and it shows u on their map where your local bike lanes are on the Ride With GPS website. Then it gives u turn by turn directions and tracking and calculations on the app.
I do like the competition side of strava and I've never been a fan of riding with headphones. I'm too worried about traffic most of the time. Stay safe out there with your headphones in! @CarlosCastro
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