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You would be surprised to discover which handle bars are most commonly used in professional cycling. If you watched the video or guessed so far, then you may have figured out that professional cyclists are using aluminum handlebars. Why are so many professional cyclist using aluminum bars over carbon fiber bars? Well, there are a number of different reasons why the pros use aluminum but not all the reasons my apply to you. There are two main reasons why they don't use carbon fiber. First, the weight. The UCI weight limit on professional bikes is 6.8kg, so many professional riders use the aluminum handle bars in order to meet the required minimum weight. Obviously this reason does not apply to cyclists who aren't competing. Second, security after crashing. Although both carbon fiber and aluminum are stress tested to the same level, it is extremely difficult to tell if carbon fiber is damaged after a crash. On the other hand it is much easier to tell if aluminum has been damaged in a crash.
I got me some Vision Plasma bars and love them.
I'd totally rock carbon bars...if I could afford them
Hmm, I think I would still like some carbon bars