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Summer has approached and riding in the rain can be dangerous. With 23cm tires, it is extremely easy to slide out and lose control of your bicycle. Stay safe during your summer storm rides and watch out for imperfections in the road. Metal manhole covers are extremely slippery when wet and might fall if you ride over one during a turn in the rain. Grated metal found on pathways and bridges will make you lose control of your bike even while riding straight. Ride cautiously during the rain to ensure your safety. When in doubt just walk your bike.
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Ouch, I've definitely done that before. It's something you learn quickly not to do
@troygreene84 Hope you're okay. I've had a few close calls in the rain, but I've been lucky.
This is one of my biggest fears. The first biggest fear is going over bridges when it's wet. Florida has these bridges with metal on top, they are terribly slippery in the rain
Time to break out the knoby 38c's