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I have some surf fishing questions. I'm leaving for the beach this coming Tuesday for a vacation with the family but my morning and evening fish times are planned for early morning and in the late afternoon. 1st. I have done it a flew times and never really caught anything what type bait should I use? I normally used shrimp. 2nd? What are the best times to go out and surf fish? 3rd? I have surf rods to use what type of line would u guys recommend? It would be awesome to hear back from some of u guys to get some feedback thanks and keep them lines tight.
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I can't call that one. lol for freshwater I generally use 10'-12'. I couldn't tell you for surf though.
What beach? If you're in Florida people here are doing some great early morning fishing with sand fleas. You just need to know how to look for them. I suggest you take a look at some YouTube videos to see what's working in your specific area.
@MannyCastro I will be in the Upper part of South Carolina at sunset beach I checked out some stuff on YouTube and that answered a lot of my questions and I really appreciate the response.
I dont do any surf fishing but looks like these guys got you taken care of @MichaelPhillips good luck