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I have some surf fishing questions. I'm leaving for the beach this coming Tuesday for a vacation with the family but my morning and evening fish times are planned for early morning and in the late afternoon. 1st. I have done it a flew times and never really caught anything what type bait should I use? I normally used shrimp. 2nd? What are the best times to go out and surf fish? 3rd? I have surf rods to use what type of line would u guys recommend? It would be awesome to hear back from some of u guys to get some feedback thanks and keep them lines tight.
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I dont do any surf fishing but looks like these guys got you taken care of @MichaelPhillips good luck
I can't call that one. lol for freshwater I generally use 10'-12'. I couldn't tell you for surf though.
oh yeah, good luck buddy!!
I've never really went. But my friend surf fishes more than anything. he uses an 11' rod I believe. For bait, he makes out good with blood worms. make sure you have a good saltwater reel though.I'm sure you can use braided line with a strong mono or fluoro leader.
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