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Lorentz National Park is a one of UNESCO World Heritage Site that has been set since 1999. It is the largest protected area in the Asia-Pacific region w ith the width that reached 25,000 km². . It is one of the three regions in the world that has snow in the tropics. Lorentz National Park is representative of the complete ecosystem for biodiversity in South East Asia and Pacific region. This area covers the mountains, beaches, lakes, jungle, etc. It also contains one of the seven highest peaks on seven continents (Seven Summits), which is called Carstensz pyramid (4.884 metres). In this region, there are lots of tribe and Asmat is the most famous one.
So very beautiful. Too many places to want to visit.
isn't it beautiful... even I want to go there and see the park with my own eyes. Well, there is nothing beautiful easy to get. I think I'll post cards on how to get there...
snow in the tropics! that's so unique
oh wowwww... this is sooo beautiful. Is this easy to get to? I really want to go there!