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O M G you guyssssssss!!!! first we wanna say sorry because it seems like we're not that interested, but we really are! at that time, i just got out of the hospital (a few days later) and Eli had a little cold so... And also sorry that we're posting this now, our computer both crashed down, we lost a lot of reviews that we did, this was one the video's we have saved. We promise that from now on everything will get faster! SORRY! But omg you guys! This video... IS THE BEST EVARRRR!! (in Sahar's opinion) The song is soo catchy and dem boys... O_O They looked so matured and baby zelo too! Love love love it! Our tumblr :
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Zelo hair is a diSASTER but i still love this song so much
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@honeysoo lol i agree hahaha
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