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[MV - REVIEW] A Guys - NOM by S.A.E KPOP
HOLY MOLY! We did not expect this at all! And it's not like we didn't like it but we also don't love it.. Does that make sense? All we can say is, we are confused. They did use a lot of English in their song (we think), but I seriously could not even understand what they were saying.. If we didn't look up what the song was about, all we could say about this would be : guys in skimpy outfits and a random girl (what is she even doing in this video?). BUT! We are happy that they're open and presented themselves the way they're comfortable with and that was impressive! Thanks for watching!! Please subscribe! Tumblr:
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I had never heard of tis before? this was really weird hahah
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@kpopandkimchi Well they came out in one of Simon and Martina's videos, so we decided to check them out and we were surprised ( as you can already see xD)
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